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DIY Sandboxes For A Perfect Playtime

Sandboxes contribute to an unforgettable childhood; one full of creativity and daydreaming. Just think about all the sandcastles you’ve built and how many kingdoms you’ve dreamed up back when you were a toddler. When you think about it, sandboxes are the Game of Thrones of every childhood! But now you are the parent and surely you want your kids to have those memories too, as well as being able to keep them busy enough for you to catch up on the aforementioned TV show! To ensure your kids have the best playtime, here is a roundup of unique DIY sandbox projects!

Grounded Sandbox

VIEW IN GALLERYGrounded Sandbox

This sandbox is firmly fixed into the ground, so there are no worries that the neighbor’s kids might steal it away. Just kidding! In fact, this sandbox might just become the regular playground spot for the kids of the whole street! Modern Parents Messy Kids will provide you with a cute, step-by-step tutorial!

Car Sandbox


This project is perfect if you happen to have a little car enthusiast at home, one who can’t wait to grow up and drive their own car. Well, until they come of age, this car sandbox will have to do!  Head over to This Old House to see the instructions.  Wroom wroom!

Sandbox Table


A lot of parents think that their kids are sitting down too much, being in school and glued to the TV and all that. Turns out, you can make them a sandbox with a twist – it’s a sandbox table and they have to stand when they use it! You can thank Shanty 2 Chic for this brilliant idea.

Sandbox With A Roof

VIEW IN GALLERYSandbox With A Roof

No need to dread the rainy days! With this idea, by Mommy’s Tool Belt, your kids will be able to enjoy their sandbox even in those gloomy rainy days! Meanwhile, you’ll get to sit with a cup of coffee in your hand, relaxing and observing your little ones. Perfect outcome, right?!

Covered Sandbox

VIEW IN GALLERYCovered Sandbox

Here’s another covered sandbox, this one looking more tent-like, therefore giving it a special, adventurous vibe, especially for those kids who dream of being boy-or-girl scouts! Visit Design Dining Diapers for a how-to and let the adventures begin!

Color Block Sandbox

VIEW IN GALLERYColor Block Sandbox

Megan from The Homes I Have Made will show you how to turn an old bookcase into a new, colorful and gorgeous sandbox. It even comes with a lid! No more worrying about cats or birds using it as a toilet! It’s neat and it’s practical – we absolutely adore it!

Deluxe Sandbox


Well, it’s 2016, so let’s be honest: when someone says deluxe, we immediately want to get our hands on it! And rightfully so – this sandbox is well worth its time! It looks professionally made and with these instructions by Small + Friendly, you cannot possibly go wrong!

Sandbox With Seats

VIEW IN GALLERYSandbox With Seats

No more kneeling next to the sandbox getting your entire attire covered in sand! Dover Projects has a solution: sandbox with seats all around! Sit comfortably while your child is playing carelessly and if you’re lucky, your dog will approve of it, too!

Bench Sandbox


How cute is this idea by the Perfect Sandbox?! Not only is it cute, it is also practical. Finally, a place to host your little human’s birthday party or other gathering! The benches are a lovely touch, as it will encourage the kids to socialize with each other. Step aside, iPads – the sandboxes are back!

Sandbox On The Wheels

VIEW IN GALLERYSandbox On The Wheels

Sometimes things need to be flexible. If you’d like the option of rotating the sandbox and moving it out of the way whenever your feel like it, this might just be the project you’ve been looking for! You will find the details at Nonchalant Mom Blog.

Don’t build castles in the clouds, build them in the sand instead!