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DIY Pillow Cases You’ll Love Laying On

Whether you’re looking to transform comfy bed pillows or decorative throw pillows, making your own pillow cases is a useful skill. It can also be a lot of fun!

Check out these easy but awesome ideas for DIY pillow cases that will look great when you’re all finished.

1. Shag pillow case

VIEW IN GALLERYShag pillow case

(Source: Vanessa Christenson)

Strips of material make this super fun-looking textured pillow case stand out in the room. The shaggy texture is soft and comfortable to lie on!

2. Simply painted embellishments

VIEW IN GALLERYSimply painted embellishments

(Source: Creature Comforts)

Getting creative with fabric paints on a plain pillow case is easy! Choose your shape and cut careful stencils for clean edges or paint your own freehand pattern.

3. Sequin skirt pillow case

VIEW IN GALLERYSequin skirt pillow case

(Source: Sister’s Suitcase)

Transforming  an old skirt or dress into a pillow case is simply a matter of finding the right sized pillow, sewing a seam, and putting in a single zipper. It’s a much easier process than you’d think for such an awesome looking final product!

4. Easy motivational pillow case

VIEW IN GALLERYEasy motivational pillow case

(Source: Vtwonen)

Whether you decide to use paint, felt, or hear vinyl letters, putting a motivational message on a pillow case is a great way to give your room a positive vibe.

5. Stamped pillow cases

VIEW IN GALLERYStamped pillow cases

(Source: Vtwonen)

Making fabric paint stamps is a quick fix for plain old boring cases. choose different shapes and colours for variety.

6. Word stencil pillow cases

VIEW IN GALLERYWord stencil pillow cases

(Source: Wit & Whistle)

A latter stencil, a pencil, and a fabric marker are all you need to spruce up a plain or solid coloured case. Try stenciling on a stanza from a romantic poem or a meaningful passage from your favourite book.

7. Freezer paper printed pillow cases

VIEW IN GALLERYFreezer paper printed pillow cases

(Source: Brit + Co.)

Freezer paper makes a great stencil for fabric painting shapes with cleaner edges than you might get if you paint them freehand.

8. Button up shirt pillow cases

VIEW IN GALLERYButton up shirt pillow cases

(Source: Country Living)

Upcycling an old button-up shirt into a pillow case is doubly beneficial! You get a new pillow case without having to pay for materials, but you also get to clear out space in your closet without throwing things in the trash.

9. Lace pillow case

VIEW IN GALLERYLace pillow case

(Source: By Wilma)

Adding a touch of lace to your decor is a great way to class up any space. Sewing a strip down the centre of a pillow case is simple, especially if you use pieces of lace from something old that you already own.

10. Big bow pillow case

VIEW IN GALLERYBig bow pillow case

(Source: Say Yes)

Nothing else brightens up a room quite like a big, cheerful bow. Making this one is easier than you’d guess!

11. Glitter heart pillow case

VIEW IN GALLERYGlitter heart pillow case

(Source: High on DIY)

Working with glitter might be a messy process, but the end results are always worth it! This glitter heart pillow case will add flair no matter where in the house you put it.

12. Felt message pillow

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt message pillow

(Source: Elizabeth Ivie)

Felt is a great, soft material to work with, especially when it comes to making things you’ll be snuggling later! Stencil letters, cut them out, and hand or machine sew them on.

13. Felt flower pillow case

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt flower pillow case

(Source: Fab You Bliss)

Find templates you like or freehand draw flower petals. Cut them out and sew or glue them on in decreasing layers, then choose some beads to hand sew on as the centre of the flower.

14. Upcycled sweater pillow case

VIEW IN GALLERYUpcycled sweater pillow case

(Source: Brassy Apple)

Upcycling projects are the best kind! If you have an old sweater that you already know is comfy but that you don’t wear anymore, then you’ve already got the perfect material to work with.

15. No-sew whale pillow case

VIEW IN GALLERYNo-sew whale pilow case

(Source: Alisa Burke)

Hand painting a picture on canvas material and sewing, gluing, or heat fixing it to the pillow case you want to customize is a great, easy way to make yourself a new pillow.

Have you created other kinds of DIY pillow cases that you don’t see here? Tell us how you did it in the comments section!