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Beauty in One Piece: DIY Jumpsuits 

Picking out daily outfits can be super stressful, especially when you’re in a rush. You always have to find at least two pieces that fit together and are comfortable at the same time. Wouldn’t it be easier to only have to find one piece that does the job? That’s where jumpsuits come in! Check out our selection of DIY jumpsuits that are going to revolutionize your wardrobe!

1. Linen Jumpsuit 


Once you get hooked on linen there’s no way back! It’s such a soft and light material, you’ll barely know you’re wearing anything at all. It’s a great choice for the summer months and perfect for a light and breezy jumpsuit. Check out the tutorial at A Pair & A Spare!

2. Refashioned Maxi Dress Jumpsuit 


Making your own clothes comes with a number of perks and one of them is being able to repurpose an old piece that you’re still attached to but haven’t worn in a long time. If there’s a maxi dress somewhere in your closet that you’d love to turn into a trendy jumpsuit, visit Life is Beautiful!

3. Elegant Black Jumpsuit 


A jumpsuit can be very elegant, relieving the pressure of having to find separate pieces that would feel equally sophisticated. The black jumpsuit by Do It Yourself Divas proves that nothing can could ever be “the new black” because this dark color is absolutely timeless and forever classy!

4. Floral Jumpsuit 


The floral motive is one of our absolute favorites to wear in the summer! If you’re worried that your jumpsuit is going to have a too serious look for the warm months, you can soften the design by picking out a fabric with a floral motive, as shown at Q2HAN!

5. Animal Print Jumpsuit 


Give your jumpsuit a touch of dynamic and wilderness by choosing a fabric with an animal print! This is a great option if you’re wishing for flexibility, because animal prints can easily match with almost any accessory! Find out the details behind this gorgeous jumpsuit at Old World New!

6. Short Summer Jumpsuit 


If you’re worried about getting too hot in your jumpsuit, you can make yourself a shorter version that is perfect for the heat wave days! It’s a light piece that is going to feel comfortable against your skin and still leave a lot of room for the occasional breeze to cool you off. You can find the tutorial at JazzRo DIY!

7. Zipper Jumpsuit 


Never underestimate the functionality and fashionable value of a good zipper! It can add an unexpected element to your jumper, especially when it’s placed at the front and in a visible contrast with the rest of the outfit. We found this idea at See Kate Sew!

8. Refashioned Male Shirt Jumpsuit 


We all have a big male shirt or two somewhere in our closet that we either thrifted a long time ago or secretly stole from our boyfriend’s closet. Because oversized shirts aren’t the trendiest piece to wear, check in with Martina M to see how you can refashion it into a stylish short jumpsuit!

9. Ruffled Floral Jumpsuit 


The only thing that could make an outfit feel more summer-appropriate than flowers are the ruffles! When you pair the two together you get the ultimate summertime piece that is often on display in all the popular stores, but thanks to Trevor Loves Mommy you can make it yourself!

10. Refashioned Male Suit Jumpsuit 


You may wonder how a big male suit could serve you, especially when it’s clearly too big for you and hence doesn’t add to your elegance at all. Cotton + Curls has a brilliant idea – repurpose it into a jumpsuit that you can easily wear to any business meeting!

11. Cropped Jumpsuit 


We’ve all been in a situation when we purchased something online because it looked really good on the photo, but then it arrived and we realized the design is a little bit off. If you’ve found yourself in a situation where a purchased jumpsuit just doesn’t fit you quite right, Thriftanista in the City will save the day!

12. Vibrant Red Jumpsuit 


Jumpsuits are an incredibly versatile piece of clothing so you can make one for every occasion, however regular or extraordinary. OVOKE shares a tutorial for a vibrant red jumper that feels like the perfect outfit for a first date or Valentine’s Day! This jumpsuit’s mission statement is I’m here to impress!