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Welcome Home: Innovative DIY House Number Signs

You know those boring old house signs that you easily could have missed if you were driving past the house a little too fast? They have officially been kicked out by the new generation of house numbers that are bringing uniqueness, noticeability and charm straight to your doorstep! If you’re ready to make the switch (of course you are!), dive into these innovative DIY house number signs and find the one that will suit your home!

Planter Box House Number 


Greeting your guests with a big beautiful plant right on your doorstep is a great idea! Plants are very noticeable and people really like them, so when you combine a planter box and a house number you instantly create a home nobody can accidentally drive by and miss it! Find the tutorial at Shanty 2 Chic 

Wooden Planter House Number 


Another creative way to combine a planter with a house number comes from Shades of Blue Interiors and it’s a brilliant idea if you want to subtly include some florals into the house number design! They really stand out against the wooden backdrop and draw attention to the house number!

Shutter House Number Sign 


Replacing an old house number sign with a new one is so incredibly simple – all you have to do is either find an old window shutter and put it in a better shape or build it from scratch following Over the Big Moon‘s steps! It’s simple, quick and has amazing results!

Mailbox House Number Sign 


Integrating a house number into your mailbox is a very innovative idea and a great way to ensure that your driveway doesn’t have too many elements! Check out Cinsarah to see how you can keep it simplistic and classy with a mailbox house number sign!

Modern House Number Sign 


If you want a house number sign that is a marvelous blend between modern and traditional, Little House of Four has caught the perfect balance! This wooden sign with a dynamic surface and dark numbers is the ideal choice for new homeowners who are ready to put down their roots!

Rustic and Silver House Number Sign 


The elegance of this house number sign by 4 Men 1 Lady is breathtaking! The slim rustic design makes it convenient to place anywhere on the house exterior, but the silver numbers really capture one’s attention and give purpose to the entire sign! We’re in awe!

Paint Sticks House Number Sign 


If you don’t want the passersby to miss your home, make your house number sign a little bigger and have it contrast the house’s exterior. The rough wooden look of Family Focus Blog‘s house sign stands out perfectly against the colored background!

Faux Grass House Number 


For a truly memorable house number sign that will not only inform people of your location but also serve as a great conversation piece, you have to visit A Beautiful Mess! We’re amazed by this faux grass house number and the fresh combination of green and bright white!

Floral House Number Sign 


If everybody who comes up to your doorstep is greeted by a bouquet of fresh flowers you’ve already proven yourself as an amazing host! Lovely etc has a really simple tutorial for this floral house number sign and it’s definitely one of those projects you’ll always be thankful for!

Black Chic House Number Sign 


Black is always in style. It represents elegance and nobility, giving so much power to any item it gets to be a part of. A black house number sign is not only noticeable, it’s also chic and cultivated! If you’re ready for your home to feel a little bit edgy, instructions are hiding at Anything & Everything!

Framed House Number Sign 


A house number is so much more than just a number. It represents your place on the street, your home, your safe space! If you ever end up moving, taking along a big house number sign can be a hassle but if you frame it into a chic little frame, it can always stay a part of your life. Check out Love and Life at Leadora for the how-to.

Painted House Number 


Maybe house signs just aren’t your thing and you want your house number to be a part of your house, always and forever! Love Grows Wild shares some insights on how to paint a house number directly on your front door and so make it an unforgettable and unmissable element of the exterior!