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Amazing DIY Denim Shorts and Jeans to Try Out this Spring

Have you ever walked into a shop looking for a pair of jeans or denim shorts only to walk out unsatisfied with whats on offer? Well, now that no longer needs to be the case. If you have a pair of jeans or shorts that you love wearing, why not give them an upgrade with these stylish creations we’ve found for you. Go on, you know you want to!

1. Zipper Jeans


One of the easiest ways to upgrade that old, comfy pair, is by adding a zip at the bottom of the jeans. What’s even great about this design is that you don’t need any sewing skills, making it perfect even for those not too good on a sewing machine. Check out Hello Glow for more on this hip makeover.

2. Lipstick Kisses Jeans

VIEW IN GALLERYLipstick Kisses Jeans

Put your lips to good use and make your own DIY kisses jeans with the help of your favourite lipsticks shades. This design from Love Maegan looks amazing and would surely ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

3. Heart Painted Jeans for Kids

VIEW IN GALLERYHeart Painted Jeans

Why not upgrade your kid’s jeans with some white paint and a cut out heart shape? This design from For the Love Of is definite showstopper that seems to have drawn inspiration from the current retro trend. Your child will absolutely love wearing these!

4. Refashioned Jeans

VIEW IN GALLERYRefashioned Jeans

If you own a pair of jeans that look fit for the bin, but you can’t bear the thought of throwing them out, you can easily refashion them into something better. This is what La Vie DIY did by managing to transform a pair of old jeans into a chic delight that seems like a trendy, fashionable purchase.

5. Inked Denim Shorts

VIEW IN GALLERYInked Denim Shorts

Instead of buying a pair of jean shorts why not simply take a pair of old denim jeans and cut them off to the length required to make your own denim shorts. Don’t just stop there though and transform them into something new by inking one side to give your new denim shorts a totally hot look. Check out DIY Raven to replicate this colorful makeover.

6. Lace Shorts


Lace continues to be a popular piece of fabric with many, so why not pair them with your old jeans? If you’re thinking about upgrading a pair of denim shorts you won’t go wrong by adding some lace to the bottom for an instant vintage look. To create your own, check out By Wilma.

7. Geometric Denim Shorts

VIEW IN GALLERYGeometric Denim Shorts

For a simple upgrade to your shorts you can’t go wrong with this fun design from Stars for Streetlights. Add a bit of colour to your denim shorts that you will love wearing when the evenings start getting warm again.

8. Heart Jeans


Own a pair of jeans with too many holes in them to put them in the charity bag? Or maybe its too worn out to give away? Well, why not fix that problem by adding a patchwork heart over one of those holes! It couldn’t be any simpler than that and does seem super-cool. Check out 11 Eureka to learn more about how to make your own heart patchwork jeans.