19 Delicious Macaron Recipes You Simply Can’t Resist

Macarons are a trendy treat right now, and for good reason! They’re delicious and adorable. Their light, crunchy texture and variety of flavours make them a delicious snack and their bright colors make them cute gifts. You can buy macarons at countless bakeries but making them yourself saves you from paying boutique prices!

Check out these delicious macaron recipes that you’ll love making, gifting, and eating!

1. Simple vanilla macarons

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Get the sweet (but not too sweet) recipe from The Baker Chick!

2. Lavender macarons

VIEW IN GALLERYlavender-macarons

Lavender is a calming scent, but it’s also a delicious taste! Get the recipe at Plant Food Fabulous.

3. Tiffany blue Rikuma bear macaron

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Indulge with Mimi shows you exactly how adorable macarons can be in addition to tasting so delicious!

4. Salted caramel macarons

VIEW IN GALLERYsalted-caramel-macarons

Salty and sweet makes for a delicious treat! Check out the recipe on The Viet Vegan.

5. Pistachio macarons

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Pistachio nuts might be savory, but they contrast the sweetness of macaron filling perfectly. Taste shows you how to blend the two perfectly.

6. Matcha green tea macarons

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Trendy tastes can go together! Matcha green tea and macarons make the perfect combination at tea time. Get the recipe at Indulge with Mimi.

7. Mint chocolate macarons

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What’s better than chocolate? Mint chocolate, of course! Plant Food Fabulous gives you a sweet, flavorful recipe.

8. Lemon lime macarons

VIEW IN GALLERYlemon-lime-macarons

Pizza Rossa shows you the steps for making lemon macarons filled with delicious lemon-lime curd.

9. Double chocolate macarons

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Chocolate lovers will love nothing more than these chocolate macarons filled with chocolate ganache! Get the recipe on Chow Hound.

10. Orange blossom creme chantilly macarons

VIEW IN GALLERYorange-blossom-creme-chantilly-macarons

A delicious creamy filling compliments the citrus crunch in I Sugar Coat It‘s recipe!

11. Cherry macarons

VIEW IN GALLERYcherry-macarons

Are you a fan of fruity flavours but not so much of citrus fruits? Try Pham Fatale‘s cherry macaron recipe instead!

12. Strawberry rhubarb macarons

VIEW IN GALLERYstrawberry-rhubarb-macarons

Running to the Kitchen walks you through the process of making delicious macarons that have just a touch of tart!

13. Lemon macarons with cranberry mascarpone filling

VIEW IN GALLERYlemon-macaron-cranberry-mascarpone-filling

Sometimes a mixture of flavours makes the most delicious snack! The Craft Blog shows you how to make lemon macarons with a cranberry mascarpone filling.

14. Raspberry macarons

VIEW IN GALLERYTasty Raspberry macarons

A simple raspberry filling can satisfy any craving filling for berry lovers. Check out the recipe on Food & Wine.

15. Strawberries and cream macarons

VIEW IN GALLERYstrawberries-and-cream

Toning down fruit flavours with some creamy filling makes for an even sweeter treat than usual. Tutti Dolci shows you how it’s done.

16. Red velvet macarons

VIEW IN GALLERYred-velvet-macarons

Do you love the taste of red velvet but not the heaviness of cake? Try Pizza Rossa‘s red velvet macaron recipe instead!

17. Over the rainbow macarons

VIEW IN GALLERYover-the-rainbow-macarons

Sweet macarons, bright colours, and delicious candy… what could be better? Check the idea out on Indulge with Mimi.

18. Strawberry mint macarons

VIEW IN GALLERYstrawberry-mint-macarons

You might not typically see these flavours paired together, but the macaron recipe on Whatever’s Left will have your mouth watering!

19. Mango macarons with coconut lime buttercream

VIEW IN GALLERYmango-macarons-with-coconut-lime-buttercream

This delicious combination of fruit flavours is out favourite mixture of flavours yet! Check out these fruit but creamy macarons on The Baking Bird.

Do you have a favourite kind of macaron that you don’t see here? Share the recipe with us in the comments section!