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Ultra Versatile DIY Crochet Honeycomb Pop Basket

We’re always keeping tabs on what’s fresh and new from the guys at Make My Day Creative – this little beauty we just had to share with our readers. It’s been a long-time coming, but these super-talented crochet masters have finally finished and shared the pattern for this awesome crochet honeycomb pop basket. After all, what could be better than a gorgeous crochet basket to keep hold of your yarn for your next project?

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While it might look like a totally epic work of art, the guys that put it together assure us it’s actually pretty easy to go about. That counts double for those with at least a little existing crochet experience, but even if this is one of the first full-scale projects you’re going for, chances are you’ll get by just fine. And where there’s a complex or advanced stitch called for, they’ve even been kind enough to share helpful guides and video tutorials to help you through the process…how’s that for service?

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Step by Step

The guide itself is broken down into simple steps and there are even US and UK crochet patterns up for grabs free of charge in PDF form. As for the basket itself, it’s the kind of indispensable essential that can and will be put to use in a thousand different ways around the home. And of course, these are the kinds of projects that make for truly amazing gifts for pretty much any occasion across the board. If you’ve been thinking of putting together a thoughtful gift basket, why not go one step further and make the basket itself by hand?

We love this blue color theme, but you can of course go as wild as you like with your own color choices. From the classically understated to the loud and proud, just as long as the result is unique to you, it’s a result you’ll be proud of!

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