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Exquisite Edible Tea Pot Cake to DIY

When we first came across this incredible edible teapot cake, we genuinely couldn’t believe it was a DIY project. Take a look at the pictures here and you’ll probably think the same, but just as soon as we got started using this fabulously free guide, we knew we were onto something special!

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Master the basics and this is bound to become your go-to cake for all manner of special occasions the whole year round! From birthdays to anniversaries to baby showers and more, anytime there’s a special girl you’d really like to spoil, this is the cake to make it happen! And while it may look like the most monumental undertaking even for a professional, trust us when we say you’ll have no problem coming up with results every bit as good as those you see here!

DIY Tea Pot Cake: Recipe


You’ll find the link to the full guide below, which astonishingly is totally free of charge to use! As far as ingredients go, it’s a case of whipping up the basics cakes (as seen in the guide) and arming yourself with the following tools and decorative elements:

  • Buttercream (Swiss Meringue)
  • Cardboard Circle – 3”
  • Styrofoam Circle – 4”
  • Wooden Skewer
  • Sharp Pencil
  • Tub of Toothpicks
  • Silver Drum – Round 10”
  • Food Coloring Paste in Pink, Yellow and Blue
  • White Fondant – 1lb
  • Gum Paste – 1lb
  • Food-Safe Paint Brushes
  • Sharp Knife
  • Icing Sugar Powder
  • Bag for Piping
  • Royal Icing

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You’ll find the comprehensive list of tools and ingredients along with the incredibly simple step-by-step guide on cakejournal. And while you may need to invest in a few basic bits and bobs to get going, it’s nothing even close to the price you’d be looking at to buy one of these babies made by the pros.

The fact that it’s on offer for free is almost too good to be true – best make your own copy now and get baking before they change their minds!