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Minnie Car Cake for Magnificent Birthday Parties

Be honest – this is the kind of cake you’d expect to pay the pros big bucks for, right? Well, what if we were to tell you than not only is it so much easier to make than you’d think, but all the instructions you’ll need can be accessed right here for free?

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We came across this cute Minnie Mouse car cake some time ago and felt we just had to share it with the world. This isn’t one of those machine made and artificially printed cakes you’ll find in most stores – it’s a homemade DIY baking project that anyone with a touch of creativity could easily master!

And yes – even that amazing Minnie Mouse figure that’s driving the cake car is homemade – it looks and sounds too good to be true, but it is!

Stunning “Minnie Driving” Cakes

Just as long as you’re not afraid of getting to business with the frosting, you’ll be amazed at what you can come up with! It’s without doubt one of the best character cakes we’ve ever seen and once you take a look ‘under the hood’ as it were, you’ll never look at a similar cake the same way again!

VIEW IN GALLERYMinnie car birthday cake VIEW IN GALLERYMinnie birthday cake  in car VIEW IN GALLERYMinnie cake car VIEW IN GALLERYMinnie car cake

Not only does a handmade cake mean more than all the store-bought cakes in the world, but you also get to choose what goes in and what doesn’t. Keep out the artificial nasties and add that personal touch to any decorative element of your choosing – the guide covers all the basics and leaves you free to play with the rest!

You can rest assured the lucky recipient will never believe you made it yourself – it might even take some time to sink in with you! And you never know, it might just be the new calling you’ve been looking for – ever fancied yourself as a professional cake-maker?

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