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Stylish Ways To Revamp Old Boots On A Budget

Some of us simply cannot get enough in terms of footwear and often it is the latest seasonal trends that relegate those old boots to the closet forever. However, just because your boots might look like they’ve seen better days doesn’t mean you have to discard them completely. Instead, why not give them a bit of a revamp by upgrading them yourself. Check out our selection of ideas as to how you can stylish revamp your boots on a budget.

1. Painted Rainboots

VIEW IN GALLERYPainted Rainboot

If you have a pair of rainboots that you can’t bear to throw away, then why don’t you simply rejuvenate them into a new pair of fashionable boots that will instantly put a smile on your face. Check out this lovely creation by Pearls and Scissors to get started today!

2. Fashionable Cut Out Boots


For a dramatic revamp to your favourite boots consider this funky design by All the Good Girls Go to Heaven that guides you on how you can cut out your boots. Give that old pair an instant new look even as you enjoy showing off your DIY skills.

3. Beaded Cowboy Boots

VIEW IN GALLERYBeaded Cowboy Boots

Give your cowboy boots an instant uplift with this design from Stars for Street Lights. Using beads to transform your boots will produce an intricate pattern that will turn heads as you take a stroll down the street. This DIY makeover might take some patience to get done, but you’ll be glad when you see the final result.

4. Colourful Boots


For an instant uplift to your boots that will get you plenty of attention wherever you go, this colorful upgrade from Caratortuga is the way to go. They do seem a touch retro, but that is a good thing as you would be getting in on the current fashion trends with these vivacious boots!

5. Ribbon Bow Rainboots


A simple and cute way to give those old rainboots a new look, this design from Beach Brights is arguable the easiest of them all. There is nothing as simple as adding a ribbon bow to your boots to help create a new look.

6. Belted Boots


If you have a selection of belts that you don’t wear and a pair of boots that need an upgrade, why not put the two together to create your own belted boot design. This has been done by the folk at Brit where they have created a lovely looking pair that seem simply amazing!

7. Knitted Boots


Who would have thought that you can knit your own boots? To give your old boots a completely new look that feels both chic and exclusive, check out this stylish knitted boot design by Makezine. It is far easier than it might seem from the outside and once you get started you can have your own knitted boots in no time at all.

8. Fabric Boots


When it comes to revamping your boots you don’t need to spend too much to achieve the desired look and create something totally different. This DIY delight by Lana Red has managed to transform a pair of boots into excetional and colorful footwear. They do seem super-comfy as well!