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Lively Neon Creations for Your Home

There’s nothing better than adding a bit of color to brighten up your home. It doesn’t have to be always a whole lot; but just enough to make a difference to the room. What’s even better is that you can add color with a number of different ways and you don’t necessarily have to paint your walls. Check out our selection of bright, neon home decor ideas that promise to make a big visual impact in any space the adorn.

1. Neon Cabinet


Give your cabinet a makeover by adding some neon color to it, which will instantly brighten up your work space or living room. This design from Pretty Nice does just enough without being far too overwhelming.

2. Crochet Neon Hot Pads

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet Neon Hot Pads

If you don’t have any hot pads around your kitchen,then this is a great idea which solves the problem in a bright and cheerful fashion, no less! Check out these colourful hot pads from Callaloo Soup that dazzle you with their neon goodness You kitchen will never ever feel dull or boring again!

3. Neon Stool


Upgrade your stool with a pop of neon colour that will brighten up any room in your home. This bright orange creation from Passion Shake promises to be an absolute showstopper, no matter where it sits. There is nothing simpler than updating a piece of furniture and giving it a new look with some neon paint.

4. Tye-Dye Lampshade

VIEW IN GALLERYTie Dye Lampshade

Give your child’s room a bit of colourful flair with this unique tie-dye lampshade from I Love to Create. This is so much fun to make and is a great way of getting your children involved in the DIY project as well. A perfect pastime if you’re struggling to keep them entertained during the holidays!

5. Neon Concrete Block

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon Concrete Block

If you have concrete blocks around and have been wondering what to do with them, why not make them into concrete planters with a splash of neon yellow painted on? This will add instant colour to your garden and will greatly diminish the boring, stony grey on the concrete blocks. To make your own, head over to Modernly Wed.

6. Neon Wrapped Lamp Cord

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon Wrapped Lamp Cord

As you can see with this design from Vitamini Handmade you don’t need a lot of color to craft a showstopping focal point in a room. Simply use the lamp cord to usher in neon goodness and you are good to go.

7. Neon Zip Tie Lamp


Ombre, neon and upcycling; this is a DIY project that has it all! The Neon Zip-Tie lamp from Mad in Crafts is a vivacious and striking creation that instantly elevates the funkiness of a room. Perfect if you don’t want to paint your walls, but want still wish to add color to the room.

8. Neon Shelves


These shelves from Flax and Twine have been updated using several different neon shades – an easy and delightful way to rejuvenate those old and boring office shelves!