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Keep Your Children’s Feet Warm with These Knitted Slipper Ideas

There’s nothing better than keeping your feet warm with a pair of hand knitted slippers. So why not extend that feeling of pure joy to your children by making them a pair of slippers that will keep their toes nice and snug on those cold blustery mornings.

1. Easy Baby Booties

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When it comes to your baby’s feet there is nothing more important than making sure that they are warm and protected. The best way to do that is by knitting them a pair of cute booties like these from Gina Michele. These are also perfect for beginners as they are incredibly easy to make!

2. Kitten Children’s Slippers

VIEW IN GALLERYKitten Children's Slippers

Instructables have put together this adorable pair of children’s slippers that your child will love wearing around the house.

3. Animal Slippers

VIEW IN GALLERYAnimal Slippers

Who doesn’t love wearing slippers that have animal prints and motifs on them? These amazing animal slippers by Aok Corral are a fantastic design that promise to be a joy to both make and wear. What’s even better is that you can decide which motif to choose, depending on your child’s preference. Choose from a cat, dog, duck, monkey, sheep, rabbit, dragon and a whole lot more. Time to tap into your inner animal spirit!

4. Kimono Slippers

VIEW IN GALLERYKimono Slippers

These little kimono slippers from Blog of Joy are super easy to make and won’t take too long to finish either. Keep your child’s feet nice and warm for those cold days when staying in is their only option.

5. Knit Fur Boot Slippers

VIEW IN GALLERYKnit Fur Boot Slippers

These amazing delights from Red Heart look incredibly fun to wear, which is what you want in a pair of slippers for your precious little one. They may look difficult to make, but they are pretty easy to craft and will make a great gift for either your own favorite niece as well.

6. Knit Children’s Slippers

VIEW IN GALLERYKnit Children's Slippers

These simple to do knitted slippers by Craftsy will help to keep your young child’s feet both warm and stylish. If you have never really knitted before then these slippers are a great introduction to the craft, which will give you the confidence to delve deeper into it next time around.

7. Cable Knit Slippers

VIEW IN GALLERYCable Knit Slippers

For a stylish pair of slippers to make for your child, look no further than this cable knit slipper design from Garn Studio. Incorporating cable and garter stitch, this is a relatively easy pattern to follow while the finished touches with the buttons help add to the overall look.

8. Basic Knit Slipper

VIEW IN GALLERYBasic Knit Slipper

For a no-fuss basic knit slipper design, check out Knitting on the Net to follow this uber-simple pattern. Perfect for beginners and those with little time to spare, these slippers will look great on your child.