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Adorable Handmade Skirts for Your Daughter to Wear

A handmade skirt for your daughter is the ideal item of clothing is a cool, personalized gift that will add color and creativity to her wardrobe. It is much better than simply heading out and shopping for one as you can create a cute skirt that fits your little angel perfectly even while incorporating colors and pattern she adores. The bets part about it all is the satisfaction you get once it is all done!

1. Scallop Knit Skirt

VIEW IN GALLERYScallop Knit Skirt

For a summery skirt that will look amazing on your daughter, check out this lovely scallop knit skirt from Learn Knitting Stitches. This is a must knit skirt for girls, which will look fantastic on a hot summer’s day.

2. Salsa Party Crochet Skirt

VIEW IN GALLERYSalsa Party Crochet Skirt

If you want to expand on your crocheting skills, look no further than this salsa party crochet skirt from Yarn Inspirations. This skirt is rated as an intermediate, but the pattern is easy to follow and will make a great skirt for your daughter.

3. Crochet Ruffle Skirt

VIEW IN GALLERYComfy Crochet Ruffle Skirt

For a crochet ruffle skirt that you know your daughter will love showing off and dancing in, check out this pattern from Dearest Debi. This fantastic looking skirt is full of ruffles and will make a wonderful finished article that your daughter would adore. Go on, you know you want to!

4. Hipster Mini Skirt

VIEW IN GALLERYHipster Mini Skirt

A girl can never have too many skirts, so why not add this creation from Ravelry to your daughter’s selection of clothes that she can wear at school or at home. These super groovy skirts are quick to finish and will make perfect items of clothing for your daughter to wear all year long.

5. Party Girl Skirt

VIEW IN GALLERYColorful party girl skirt

For a bit of fun with your next clothing creation that includes a lot of bold colour choices, check out this lovely crocheted skirt from Free Patterns. Let your daughter wear this skirt at her next party where she can show off her salsa dance moves in this beautifully handmade creation.

6. Little Bow Skirt


Knot Your Nana’s Crochet have put together this adorable looking skirt that will look delightful on your daughter. Who would have thought it could be possible to make something so cute at home. So why not get your crocheting hooks out and make your daughter this lovely skirt.

7. Floral Knit Skirt

VIEW IN GALLERYFlorals Knit Skirt

Mary Maxim has gone above and beyond with this cute floral knit skirt for a baby girl. The finished look is complete with pleats, making it feel as though it has been professionally made or bought from a high-end store.

8. Ruffle Crochet Skirt

VIEW IN GALLERYRuffle Crochet Skirt

If you want to make a crochet skirt that involves simple skills and will look cute on your little girl, then Stitch 11 have the answer for you. Let your daughter wear this skirt on a spring or summer’s day over a pair of tights and a top with chic sandals to complete the outfit.