Fun DIY Silk Screening Designs

We’re always into DIY fashion and we love all different kinds of techniques when it comes to making or customizing our own clothing, but sometimes we get a little too excited about one method and make that for weeks on end. That’s always fun, but after a few projects of the same kind, sometimes we need a little bit of inspiration when it comes to designs!

Check out these 15 fantastic DIY silk screen designs that will help you make yourself and your friends some awesome shirts, trinkets, and basically anything made of fabric that you definitely won’t find in stores.

1. XO tea towels


Have you always loved romantic little DIY gifts that let your friends and family know how much you care about them when they use them? Then silk screening is an awesome idea for you! We love these cute little “XO” tea towels by Something Turquoise that will make the kitchen just a little more cheerful.

2. Screen printed tree skirt

VIEW IN GALLERYScreen printed tree skirt

Maybe you’re tired of printing simple block letters and you’d rather try your hand at some images? Keep it simple and linear but with a little bit of detail, just like Chic Steals did here! This tree printed skirt, with trees extending from both the bottom and the top of the skirt towards the middle, makes it look like they’re being reflected off a woodland lake.

3. Gold fish pillows

VIEW IN GALLERYGold fish pillows

Do you like the idea of printing intricate little images, but trees aren’t really your thing? Maybe you’re hoping to expand your screen printing skills into your home decor as well since you like it so much in your personal fashion? Then printing yourself a graphic pillow case is the perfect plan! We’re pretty big fans of these silk screen goldfish by Minimonos!

4. Silk screen baby onesies

VIEW IN GALLERYSilk screen baby onesies

Did you used to silk screen things for yourself all the time but then you had kids and you haven’t had time since? Try getting back into it by silk screening adorable onesies for the little ones in your life instead! Instructables guides you through the process of making adorable little onesies with cute baby themed sayings.

5. Silk screen bridal tote bags

VIEW IN GALLERYSilk screen bridal tote bags

Maybe you’re determined to make your own bridal shower gifts no matter how busy you are planning your wedding and organizing all the details? Silk screening is a great option that will save you time and money and let you customize things exactly how you please! We love Something Turquoise‘s idea of making each person at your shower a little personalized tote bag.

6. Screen printed sewing fabric

VIEW IN GALLERYScreen printed sewing fabric

Perhaps you’ve been reading this entire post and thinking about how much fun it would be if you could customize more than just one part of a shirt or fabric project? Then learn how to custom print silk screen fabric in a consistent pattern so you can make other projects that look exactly how you want them to! A Tactile Life teaches you how it’s done.

7. Silk screen patterned wall hanging

VIEW IN GALLERYSilk screen patterened wall hanging

Besides your silk screening skills, are you also a visual artist whose been wanting to put your design work into print? Then combine your two skills and make yourself some lovely new custom wall art! We love the way Laikonik printed this intricate design across some fabric to make a simple wall hanging.

8. Silk screened drinking glasses


Did you know that fabric isn’t actually the only thing you can screen print custom phrases and images onto? Dollar Store Crafts is here to remind you that glass can be printed to! Their tutorial walks you through the entire process using a custom printed stencil to get the image just right.

9. Kitschy screen printed patterned cushions


Did you love the idea of screen printing an image onto a throw pillow cover but you’d actually prefer a design that’s a lot more eye catching? Then check out this kitschy design from Urban Outfitters that’s totally simple to recreate! Putting an abstract image on a bright, busy pattern really makes for an attention grabbing statement piece.

10. Screen printed ceramic vases

VIEW IN GALLERYScreen printed ceramic vases

Remember when we said that fabrics aren’t the only thing you can screen print on? Well, glass isn’t the only thing you can use a stencil for! Try creating your own ceramic vase design just like this one from Ceramic Arts Daily using the same stencil and screen printing techniques that you learned above! Their tutorial shows you all the steps.

11. Screen printed aprons


Are you or someone you love a cooking enthusiast who likes to go all out in the kitchen, complete with themed utensils and aprons covered in fun sayings? Then silk screening a custom apron to say whatever you like is the perfect plan! Check out the way How Does She makes all kinds of custom apron designs that make working in the kitchen even more fun than it already is.

12. Silk screen lamp shade

VIEW IN GALLERYSilk screen lamp shade

Are you still impressed by the idea of screen printing your own home decor but you don’t really have any throw pillows and you don’t have space to buy some and display your work? Then try customizing yourself a lampshade instead! We love the way Folksy created this shade featuring different patterns, block shapes, and images all in one place.

13. Shaped screen printed pillows

VIEW IN GALLERYShaped screen printed pillows

Maybe you’re also a sewing enthusiast and you’re not opposed to sewing a throw pillow and cover in a custom shape so that you can really take your DIY design to the next level? Then check out this adorable fox-shaped design by Robinandmould! The shape can really be anything you like and screen printing the details lets you customize things even further.

14. Printed zippered purse

VIEW IN GALLERYPrinted zippered purse

Do you like the idea of sewing and printing your own project, but you really don’t need anymore throw pillows right now? Then make a cute little project that you’ll actually use! This zippered bag is simple enough to make but you can really impress your friends by putting your own design across the fabric as well, just like Coo and Co did here.