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DIY Oven Mitts and Hot Pads

The beautiful thing about sewing is that it’s a great way to make things for yourself, but also for your friends and family! Even the simplest sewing patterns and sewn goods take a level of care and skill that people will admire.

One of our favourite things to sew is kitchen wares! They’re always useful and they’re also a great opportunity to use up fun fabric scraps that are too small for other projects. Check out these 15 great (and totally easy) patterns for oven mitts and hot pads!

1. Graphic oven mitt and hot pad set

VIEW IN GALLERYGraphic oven mitt and hot pad set

Do you have a little bit of leftover fabric that you think looks kind of neat and quirky together but you know you probably wouldn’t pair it together for an actual outfit or decor piece? Consider making yourself a set of quirky oven mitts and a heat pad! A Beautiful Mess shows you how mismatched fabrics look kitschy together in the kitchen.

2. Circular pipe trimmed oven mitt

VIEW IN GALLERYCircular pipe trimmed oven mitt

Sometimes the hot dish you’re trying to grab is little and you don’t need a full oven mitt set. For those occasions, Juggling Act Mama teaches you how to make a rounded oven mitt that you simply need to pinch and grab with one hand. We love the piping finish around the edges.

3. Cuff and button dollar store hot pads

VIEW IN GALLERYCuff and button dollar store hot pads

Do you want to make yourself a new custom heat set but you’re not confident enough in your sewing skills yet to manage things like thumbs in the mitts? Try altering an existing dollar store set instead! The 36th Avenue shows you one way to customize a set by adding things instead of sewing them from scratch.

4. Upcycled tea towel hot pads

VIEW IN GALLERYUpcycled tea towel hot pads

Are your favourite kinds of sewing projects the ones that upcycle? We’re big fans of those ones too! More specifically, we adore this repurposed towel design from No Need of Spoil ! Besides absorbing the heat well, the towel fabric will let you mop up spills in case the dish towel is too far away.

5. Kid sized oven mitts

VIEW IN GALLERYKid sized oven mitts

Are you trying to teach your kids the basics of simple cooking or baking, or at least some useful skills for helping around the kitchen in general? Keep their hands safe while they work around the oven and stove by sewing them these mini kids’ sized oven mitts of their own! A Girl and A Glue Gun shows you how they’re done.

6. Quilted fabric scraps over mitts

VIEW IN GALLERYQuilted fabric scraps over mitts

Besides being useful for clearing out your stash of random small fabric pieces, this pattern shows you how to make a set of oven mitts that are just plain fun. Even if you don’t have little scraps, you might just find yourself wanting to gather some from your friends anyways just to make these! Check them out on Pink Chalk Studio.

7. Cupcake oven mitts

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Cupcake oven mitts

Do you spend most of your time in the kitchen baking yourself and your friends delicious treats? Then we’re pretty sure we’ve found the perfect oven mitt design for you! These adorable cupcakes absorb heat and keep your kitchen stylish. Find out how they’re done on Craft A World.

8. Oven mitt band

VIEW IN GALLERYOven mitt band

Are you constantly realizing you’ve misplaced one of your oven mitts the second you need them and scrambling around to reunite the pair? Take care of that and make hanging them easier with this oven mitt band! Get the easy, convenient pattern on Spread Your Wings and Craft.

9. Heart shaped oven mitts

VIEW IN GALLERYHeart shaped oven mitts

Are the mitts you’re making a gift for someone you appreciate on Valentine’s Day? Make them these cute heart shaped mitts that perfectly combine decor and function!  They’re totally useful just like the circular punching mitt, but they’re absolutely adorable to look at while they hang in your kitchen too. Sew 4 Home has the pattern for you.

10. Felted wool oven mitt

VIEW IN GALLERYFelted wool oven mitt

Do you know how to sew well enough to create a seam around the edge of the gloves but you’d rather not try fancy things like cross seams and edge piping? Perhaps you’d rather work with felted wool! Bead and Cord shows you how to make a set of oven mitts by doing just that.

11. Nesting doll oven mitts

VIEW IN GALLERYNesting doll oven mitts

Do you love nothing more than a little bit of kitsch in your home and decor? Well, these hilarious little DIY Russian nesting doll mitts might just be the kitschiest thing we’ve seen so far! They’re surprisingly easy to make despite their custom design. Check them out on Blue Primrose DIY.

12. Shark shaped oven mitt

VIEW IN GALLERYShark shaped oven mitt

All right, we admit it. These shark mitts are probably our favourite ones on the whole list. Just imagine how funny it will look when you grabbing a casserole from the oven looks like a shark biting into the side of a big ship! Dollar Store Crafts shows you how to make them happen.

13. Ruffled oven mitts

VIEW IN GALLERYRuffled oven mitts

Are you hoping to fancy up a very plain pair of oven mitts just a little bit more so they look cute while you’re cooking for special occasions? We’d vote that ruffles are always the way to go! They’re also surprisingly easy to add if you do them like Concord Cottage did.

14. Batman oven mitts

VIEW IN GALLERYBatman oven mitts

Are you nearly as big of a super hero fan as you are a fan of making delicious things in the kitchen, or at least making yourself awesome accessories for when you do cook? Then Vancouver 24 Hrs has the perfect pattern for you! They show you an easy way to both make and customize these mitts so everyone will know exactly who your favourite super hero really is.

Have you made yourself another kind of DIY oven mitt or head pad that you’re very proud of but don’t see here? Tell us all about it in the comments section!