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This Coffee Table Glows in The Dark: Here’s How!

Mike Warren is a man of many talents. The guy’s an inventor, fabricator, and artist who likes to “build, share, destroy and repeat”. Part of his daily routine is making trouble, but having fun while doing it. An exact match for all the above is one of his projects called the Glow Table.

VIEW IN GALLERYGlow in the dark table

Judging by its name, you’re looking at a table that will steal the show at night because it glows when the sun goes to sleep. Mike made it using photo-luminescent (glow) powder mixed with clear casting resin. He filled all those pesky voids that naturally have formed in one of his old tables (particularly made from Pecky Cypress hardwood) and the result is a unique table with a stunning effect.

Much like a wristwatch that charges in sunlight and glows at night, the table will absorb as much light as possible during the day, offering a sensational show from the transition from twilight to evening — emitting a cool blue glow when in complete darkness.

VIEW IN GALLERYGlow powder - coffee table holes

VIEW IN GALLERYGlow in dark table

The materials won’t set you more than $85 so if you have the wood working tools why not upgrade some of your old tables and make them “glow” again? We have a tutorial for this, from Instructables, if you do.

YouTube video

Note: The “glow powder” has a brightness rating of 33000 mcd/m2, 55-85 micron, and it’s able to recharge millions of times! Which is quite amazing if you ask us.