Indulge Your Sweet Tooth: Candy Wrappers to Make Cute DIY Projects

If you’ve got a serious sweet tooth, turn your candy addiction into something positive by transforming those wrappers into cute DIY projects like purses, hair accessories, or candle holders. This roundup of fun ideas is sure to get your creative juices flowing!

Skittles Coin Purse

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My Newest Addiction uses a Skittles wrapper to make an adorable coin purse that anyone with a sweet tooth would be proud to show off. You’ll need two wrappers for each purse you want to make, as well as colored duct tape to cover the inside for added durability.

Starburst Bracelet

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Fluffyland uses lots of Starburst wrappers to fold a delicate looking bracelet. The finished bracelet is slightly stretchy, but remember to measure your wrist before you begin to ensure a proper fit!

Candy Wrapper Purse

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If you enjoy making the Starburst bracelet, this candy wrapper purse uses a similar technique on a larger scale. Head over to Instructables to learn more.

Wrapper Hair Bows

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Any little girl is sure to love these cute hair bows made from her favorite candy wrappers. Learn more at Doodlecraft.

Candy Wrapper Earrings

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Button earrings covered in candy wrappers are a subtle way to show your passion for delicious candy. Creative Itch has the details.

Candy Wrapper Belt


Plum Pudding turned Starburst and Tootsie Roll wrappers into cute yet functional belts. D-rings can be easily be purchased at any fabric store.

Candy Wrapper Votives

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Decoupage assorted wrappers onto plain candle holders to make votives that are perfect for Halloween. If you don’t burn candles, use the same technique to make a bowl, pencil cup, or storage basket. Visit Mod Podge Rocks to learn more.

Chocolate Wrapper Origami


Folding origami is another unique way to upcycle your favorite candy wrappers into something new. Many projects will work with candy wrappers if they’re trimmed to the correct size. Origami Resource Center explains.

Candy Box Bookmarks

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If your favorite candy comes in a box, why not try using the packaging to make a pretty bookmark? Organize Your Stuff Now shows you how to complete this simple project.

Candy Box Notebook

VIEW IN GALLERYbox notebooks

A simple DIY project, these adorable notebooks are the perfect place for jotting down all your thoughts. If you have access to bookbinding tools, try making spiral bound or perfect bound book instead. Running with Sisters has the details.