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10+ Crochet Animal Hats That Are Uber Cute

Looking for a way to totally change the meaning of ‘cute’ once and for all? We’ve got just the thing – one look at these amazing crochet animal hats and you’ll see exactly what we mean!

VIEW IN GALLERY10+ free patterns for animal hats-wonderfuldiy

We’ve been searching the web high and low to bring you the very best crochet patterns for baby hats. However, we came across so many amazing examples that we thought it best to share a full TEN of them with you! Just take a look at any of these hats and imagine that special little someone in your life wearing one – it’s almost too cute to bear, isn’t it?

VIEW IN GALLERYZoe_Giraffe(Crochet Giraffe Hat Pattern – pattern from RepeatCrafterMe)

Kids just love these hats as much as you’ll love making them. Among our personal favorites below you’ll find polar bears, dogs, cows, pigs, pandas and so many more – each somehow being even more adorable than the last! And don’t worry – we’re all about sharing the simplest of craft projects and pattern you won’t need to be an expert to master!

The fact that they’re all free of charge is an added bonus too!

Gorgeous Gifts for Beautiful Babies

These are so much more than just practical items to keep baby warm – they’re amazing keepsakes they’ll want to keep hold of for life! There’s no gift in the world that says more than a gift you make with your own two hands – especially if the results happen to be the sweetest thing since sweetness itself! Don’t worry if you don’t have too much time to spare – you’ll be amazed how quickly these hats begin to take shape.

VIEW IN GALLERYlittle-panda-crochet-hat-wonderfuldiy

(Crochet panda hat by Jennyandteddy)

As mentioned, each of the patterns has been personally selected by us and tried out dozens of times over – if we can pull off great results, we’re sure you can too! And as they’re all free to use, why not whip up a small collection and make baby’s day over and over again?

Check out the rest of our cute crochet patterns for baby gifts across our collection – if you like these, you’ll love what else we have to share!

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Elephant-Hat-Free-Pattern-wonderfuldiy

(Elephant Crochet Hat pattern by Allfreecrochet)

VIEW IN GALLERYfox hat free crochet pattern-wonderfuldiy

(Crochet Fox Hat from thestitchinmommy)

VIEW IN GALLERYCow-Crochet-Hat- wonderfuldiy

(Crochet Cow Hat from RepeatCrafterMe)

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet pig hat free pattern-wonderfuldiy(Crochet Pig Hat from RepeatCrafterMe)

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet dog hat free-wonderfuldiy

An amazing Crochet Dalmatian Dog HatVIEW IN GALLERYhippo_hat free pattern-wonderfuldiy

(Crochet Hippo Hat from OneAndToCompany)

VIEW IN GALLERYPolarBear hat free-wonderfuldiy

(Crochet Polar Bear Hat – Free Pattern)

VIEW IN GALLERYSock Monkey Baby Hat Crochet Pattern 3

And you can always make this Crochet sock monkey hat if you want to make sure everyone will get crazy about your little one.

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet-hippo-hat

Or a Happy Crochet Hippo Hat if he’s into larger animals? 🙂 Free pattern here

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet Frog Hat F

Or make it even more adorable with this Crochet frog hat, we have the free-pattern for you.