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Wonderful DIY Button Elephant Wall Art

VIEW IN GALLERYbutton-elephant-wall-art1 VIEW IN GALLERYbutton-elephant-wall-art2
VIEW IN GALLERYbutton-elephant-wall-art2-1
VIEW IN GALLERYbutton-elephant-wall-art3 VIEW IN GALLERYbutton-elephant-wall-art4 VIEW IN GALLERYbutton-elephant-wall-art5 VIEW IN GALLERYbutton-elephant-wall-art6 VIEW IN GALLERYbutton-elephant-wall-art7 How cute is this button elephant !
To make this cute little elephant, all you need are some buttons, hot glue, a wee bit of paint, a canvas board (which you can find at any craft store) and a frame.
First, draw out a nice, chunky elephant.
Then for the buttons! Get out your trusty glue gun and add the first layer, trying to cover as much space as possible without going over the edges.
For the next layer of buttons, try to overlap along the edges to create a straighter line, and fill in any gaps.
For the tail, just find a tail-shaped button.For the ears, just use some buttons that are bigger and darker than your base color.VIEW IN GALLERYbutton-elephant-wall-art F

Source: https://bit.ly/1pxwRee