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Remarkable DIY Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles

It’s no secret that plastic isn’t the best thing for our lovely planet, but there’s no denying that we depend on plastic items a lot! Most of us regularly purchase plastic bottles, because it’s the most common way to get soda or water. They are a part of our everyday and if we can’t always avoid buying them, at least we can do something to balance things out. Here is the first step you can take to help make this planet a little less plastic-suffocated: reuse your plastic bottles instead of throwing them out! If you’re wondering how, take a look at these brilliant DIY ideas for reusing plastic bottles and upcycle away!

Plastic Bag Dispenser

VIEW IN GALLERYPlastic Bag Dispenser

Another plastic thing we use daily? Plastic bags! Instead of piling them up in one of your kitchen drawers, make this lovely plastic bag dispenser! You can peek at Our Peaceful Planet to see how you can turn a used plastic bottle into a chic and colorful dispenser that will be a valuable addition to your kitchen!

Zipper Case


Finally a way to organize all of your kids’ pens, crayons and markers! This zipper case looks totally brilliant and the plastic definitely works in her favor, as it makes it incredibly sustainable – any parent can appreciate that! Check out the details of this awesome idea at Make It & Love It!

Jewelry Stand


One can never have too many jewelry organizers! This jewelry stand will not only hold your precious jewelry pieces and always keep them on display, it will also contribute to a greener planet! We’ll let Epbot show you how to make it!

Flower Pots


In need of a quick flower pot? Ebay has just the craft for you! Turn a plastic bottle into a nifty flower pot that will serve as a home to your plants! Once you see how quick and effective this is, it’s safe to say you’ll reconsider buying a flower pot ever again!

Plastic Bottle Butterfly

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY plastic bottle butterfly

Butterflies always make such a fantastic decoration! If you don’t know what to do with your used plastic bottles, this idea by Frumpy Bunny will surely keep you busy for a while! It’s the perfect craft to show off your creativity and pair it with your passion for decoration!

Christmas Lights Lantern

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas Lights Lantern

Christmas lights can serve you even after December passes! This idea by OhOh Blog will show you how to put those lights to use, as well as repurpose a plastic bottle! The end result? A breathtaking lantern that you’ll never get enough of!

Plastic Bracelets

VIEW IN GALLERYPlastic Bracelets

We all love us some bracelets! We found these beauties at Krokotak! They are a great way to do something good for the planet and look fashionable at the same time! You can easily make them fit your personal style and nobody will ever guess the secret behind them is a plastic bottle!

Bird Feeder


If you’re passionate about the well-being of our mother Earth enough to repurpose plastic bottles, surely you care about the birds as well! Don’t forget about your feathery friends soaring the sky in the colder months! If you wish to help them out with some food, you’ll find instructions at Eco Sapien!

Wind Spirals


These wind spirals will totally mesmerize you! They are colorful and vibrant, but what makes them truly unique is that they contribute to a cleaner planet! Visit Kids’ CBC and repurpose some plastic bottles into these captivating wind spirals, then wait for the first wind to blow and enjoy the spectacle!

Piggy Bank


Want to teach your kids a lesson on saving money and keeping our planet green at the same time? Here’s the perfect project to do so! It’s a piggy bank made out of a plastic bottle! It looks so adorably cute even we would put some dollars into it! We Made That has a tutorial!

Thank you for keeping this planet’s well-being at heart!