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Colorful DIY Stained Glass Art to Welcome Spring

Still looking for that wonderful Mother’s Day project even as the big Sunday draws ever so close? Not to fret, as we have the perfect DIY creation that not only is super-easy for your little ones to make, but also doubles as captivating piece of art. Full or color, creativity and loads of fun, it is time for you to create some brilliant Stained Glass Art!

VIEW IN GALLERYStained Glass Art Diy

Materials for Stained Glass Art:

  • Glitter glue
  • Toothpicks or paint brushes
  • Neon Food coloring
  • Picture frames (used 5×7 frames here)
  • Suction cup hangers (for hanging frames on your window)

When it comes to both the picture frames and the way you want to hang them, feel free to improvise in a way that suits your home best. Now for the project itself, start off by taking the picture frame apart and place the hanging tab on the back of the glass. You can even use some hot glue if needed and once the glass is firmly back in the frame, it is time to bring out the flood of color.

VIEW IN GALLERYCraft your own Stained Glass artwork

Use the neon food coloring and the glitter glue and let the kids go crazy with the pattern. There really is no set way here and you will soon end up with a unique masterpiece from your little Michelangelo! Apart from the bright colors, the touch of neon really helps give each of these stained glass pieces an almost celestial look.

VIEW IN GALLERYGorgeous stained glass art idea

So, will you try this project from Bitz & Giggles ahead of Mother’s Day? Maybe you just want to make some of these artistic pieces for yourself, so that you can bring the bliss of summer and spring to the living room… Let us know!