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Colorful Treat: Easy-to-Make Marshmallow Rainbow Squisharoos

Have you ever thought about bringing together your love for marshmallows and Jell-o? Sounds a bit crazy? Well, you will change your opinion about that once you take a look at these brilliant and beautiful rainbow squisharoos. These are super easy to craft, will barely take a few minutes at best and even you kids can get in on all the fun.

VIEW IN GALLERYRainbow Squisharoos with marshmallows

Here is what you need:

  • Marshmallows (Of Course!)
  • Jell-O Powder in different flavors
  • Water
  • Zip Lock Bag

Just dip those marshmallows in water and put them in a zip lock bag filled with Jell-O powder of your chosen flavor. Give it a little shape so that the powder makes an ever outer layer on the marshmallow and you are pretty much done!

VIEW IN GALLERYDelicious and easry to make rainbow squisharoos DIY

Yup, it is as simple as that and one box of Jell-O flavor can be used to color as many as 24 marshmallows with ease. These would definitely make great party treats, especially on kids’ birthdays and they taste very much like fruit-flavored marshmallows.

You can create a small rainbow collection of these squishy little delights in no time and if you still have some doubts about how to get it done, then you can check out the video below:

YouTube video

So, are you going to make these little fun treats next weekend?