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Festive Treat: Delicious Homemade Stuffing Recipes for Thanksgiving

With American Thanksgiving fast approaching and Canadian Thanksgiving already past, now is the time for stuffing recipes galore! If you ask us, the stuffing or dressing might actually be the best part of the turkey dinner, so we’re no strangers to going all out and trying new recipes to serve alongside our more classic tasting traditional family stuffing recipe. Our family has come to expect some kind of smaller dish containing a new stuffing we’ve never tried making before!

Just in case the idea of experimenting with unique tasting stuffing recipes this fall appeals to you just as much as it does to us, if not more, here are 15 of the very best and most interesting looking ideas that we’ve come across so far.

1. Gluten free vegan stuffing


Is your search for an alternative stuffing actually motivated by the fact that someone in your family or friend group who will be coming for dinner is actually gluten sensitive and can’t eat your traditional family recipe? Then we think we’ve found just the dish for you right out of the gate! Strength and Sunshine is here to teach you how to make a stuffing that’s gluten free.

2. Sweet potato and pork stuffing


We remember the first time we tried a stuffing that had meat cooked right into it, despite the fact that a Thanksgiving dinner already involves turkey. We actually adored the concept and thought it was delicious! That’s probably why we were so pleased to stumble upon this delicious recipe from Simply Recipes that involves sweet potato and pork. It’s like a whole meal in one dish!

3. Buttermilk biscuit stuffing


Most stuffing recipes are made using slightly stale bread or a kind of bun like dinner rolls. If you’re a fan of stuffing that’s a little more dense, however, then we think you might actually get along better with something like this delicious recipe from Serious Eats that teaches you how to make a wonderfully textured dish using buttermilk biscuits instead!

4. Apple and sage stuffing


Speaking of texture, are you actually feeling quite experimental indeed and looking for something that will make your guests ask you what’s in that special stuffing once they taste how unique yet delicious it is? Then we think you simply must take a look at how Chowhound made this fragrant and flavourful apple and sage stuffing that’s unlike anything else we’ve tried before.

5. Sausage and apple stuffing


Are you feeling quite intrigued by both the meat idea and the apple idea when it comes to which unique ingredients you’ll put in your stuffing but you’re finding yourself struggling to choose between the two? Then we think you’ll feel quite thankful to Campbell’s Kitchen for saving you from having to choose at all! Check out how they made this delicious stuffing with apples and lightly spiced sausage.

6. Canadian-Syrian stuffing


This particular recipe was on our table this Thanksgiving and we’re pleased to report that it was a huge hit! The dish, outlined in detail on The Ktchn, was made largely the same as a classic North American stuffing but with some classic Syrian style changes in the spice department. They guide you step by step through the process of mixing and using a particular mixture of common spices that, when used in the Middle East, is called Bharat. Make it from ground cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, and cloves!

7. Sausage, apple, and brie stuffing


Are you actually still thinking about how much you liked the sausage and apple idea we showed you a few options earlier but you’re also wondering whether you might find something even more unique and that’s why you haven’t stopped scrolling yet? Well, maybe this slightly altered version of that same idea from Life’s Ambrosia can convince you! Check out how they made a similar stuffing but took the flavour even further by adding brie cheese.

8. Acorn squash leftover stuffing dish


Have you actually already celebrated your Thanksgiving because you had to juggle family schedules and now you’re looking for something interesting to do with the leftovers because you’ve reheated them normally for quite enough days in a row? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Taste of Home baked their leftovers inside a halved acorn squash to add some new flavour.

9. Everything bagel stuffing


Were you pretty enamoured indeed with the idea of using something other than the usual breads to make the base of your stuffing dish but you’re just not sure buttermilk biscuits really pack enough flavour for what you’re looking for? Then we think perhaps you’ll get along a little better with something like this fantastic everything bagel stuffing outlined step by step on The Ktchn!

10. Bacon wrapped sage and sausage stuffing


In the past few years, we’ve noticed that the idea of “bacon wrapping” different foods has become trendy. Now, as much as we love and adore bacon, we’ve never really seen an idea that has spoken to us quite enough to make us try it… until now. Check out how Erren’s Kitchen made this fantastic stuffing dish where your entire stuffing serving is, in fact, baked inside a delicious wrapping of bacon!

11. Mushroom leek cornbread stuffing


Just in case you’re very interested in this “differing types of bread” idea but you’re also looking for other alternative ingredients as well, here’s a kind of stuffing from Mother Would Know that’s very different indeed. Check out how they made this fantastic recipe from cornbread, leeks, and mushrooms!

12. Cranberry sage stuffing muffins


Not only is this recipe fantastic because it involves cranberries, which are a flavourful fall food that gets overlooked a little too often for our liking, but it also makes a great appetizer because it shows you how to turn your stuffing into bite sized little “muffins”! Get the full instructions and ingredients list on Jerry James Stone.

13. Tortilla chip chorizo stuffing


Are you having a much more creatively themed Thanksgiving where you encourage guests to bring dishes that are flavoured internationally, rather than just sticking to the classic elements of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner? Well, here’s an awesome way to blend the two concepts! Check out how The Bitten Word made this attitude filled stuffing with chorizo and tortilla chips.

14. Gluten free walnut and kale quinoa stuffing


Did we almost have your mind made up when we showed you the more classically made gluten free stuffing idea at the very top of our list because that’s actually the kind of recipe you’ve been looking for, but you can’t help wondering whether there’s a more creative way to give your gluten sensitive friends a stuffing experience? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Healthy Seasonal Recipes made this awesome gluten free stuffing using walnuts, kale, and quinoa.

15. Herbed wild rice and quinoa stuffing


Just in case you’re feeling very intrigued by the quinoa recipe we just showed you above but you’ve never actually been a huge fan of walnuts (or perhaps you have a nut allergy and can’t eat them), here’s a fantastic alternative that still gives you the key ingredient you wanted! Kitchen Treaty teaches you step by step how to make stuffing from herbed wild rice and quinoa and it is nothing short of satisfying.