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9 DIY Egg Cosies for Easter

Even though Easter is still far away with these ideas you need time to make them, so now is the perfect time to get started on your egg cosies ready for when Easter arrives. These cute creations can either be sewn or crocheted, so they’ll be something for someone depending on your skills. It’s also the perfect time to try something new that is simple and small to make and will add the perfect homemade charm to your home.

1. Viking Egg Cosy


This is a super cute egg cosy to make this Easter. Who ever thought a Viking egg cosy could look so adorable? Check out Baerbel Born for more information. Simply scroll down the page for the English version.

2. Felt Egg Cosy



VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Felt Egg Cosy for Easter


VIEW IN GALLERYMaking of Felt Egg Cosy

These felt egg cosies by Crafts couldn’t be any easier to make if they tried. Give your eggs some character this Easter with their own egg cosies that will delight your children and keep your egg nice and warm.

3. Chick Egg Cosies

VIEW IN GALLERYColorful Chick Egg Cosies

Add some spring time charm to your eggs this Easter with these delightful looking egg cosies from One Sweet Sugar Rush. They are easy to make and will make a wonderful addition to your dining table this Easter.

4. Crocheted Egg Cosies

VIEW IN GALLERYBright and bold crocheted egg cosies

These bright and bold crocheted egg cosies will certainly brighten up your kitchen this Easter with their delightful patterns. Check out Craft and Creativity for some inspiration to make your own this spring time.

5. Little Hen Egg Cosy

VIEW IN GALLERYLittle Hen Egg Cosy

VIEW IN GALLERYCute crocheted hen cosy

This cute crocheted hen cosy will keep your eggs nice and warm and will add a homemade charm to your home. To make your own crocheted cosy, go to Little Things Blogged for more information.

6. Spring Felt Egg Cosy

VIEW IN GALLERYDelightful Spring Felt Egg Cosy

VIEW IN GALLERYSpring Felt Egg Cosy

These delightful looking egg felt cosies are fun to make and a great way of making something unique in your home. What better way to add some charm to your kitchen then by making easy felt egg cosies that will be cherished time and time again. To make these wonderful creations, check out My Poppet for more information.

7. Easter Felt Egg Hats

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster Felt Egg Hats

VIEW IN GALLERYCreative Easter Felt Egg Hats

Why not put your creativity to use and let your imagination run freely with this amazing Easter felt egg hat design by Etsy Russian Team? These will instantly give your eggs character and charm that will delight those who see them. Make something different this year and go for these unique egg hats.

8. Easter Egg Beanies

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster Egg Beanies

VIEW IN GALLERYStylish Easter Egg Beanies

Just like human’s eggs need to keep their heads warm too and what better way to keep the warmth in then with these funny cute egg beanie hats? You can make your own unique egg beanie hats at Lulu Loves in different colours to give them a unique charm.

9. Colourful Egg Cosy

VIEW IN GALLERYFabulous and Colorful Easter Egg Cosy DIY

These delightfully colourful egg cosies will get your crocheting skills underway and are the perfect place to start if you are a beginner. Give your eggs a warm home to reside this year with their very own egg cosies. Check out Repeat Crafter Me for more information.