Wonderful DIY Sand Cast Birdbath

VIEW IN GALLERYSand Cast Birdbath F Wonderful DIY Sand Cast BirdbathAre you looking for an easy project that will add beauty to your yard and provide enjoyment for the birds, make a sand cast birdbath. Not only are they a lot of fun to make, but you will also end up with a very unique yard decoration.Are you ready to make your own? Let’s get started.

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Materials :

Large leaf
1 bag of sand
2 bags of concrete
Plastic wrap
Tubular concrete form
Paint or concrete dye (optional)
Concrete sealer

Bucket or mixing Tray for concrete
Hoe for mixing
crub brush
Foam brush
2 containers for paint and sealer

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1. Find a leaf. To make your sand cast function as a birdbath, a large leaf is best, such as a rhubarb or elephant ear leaf.

2. Make a dome shaped pile of sand on a hard surface. The pile of sand needs to be approximately two inches larger then your chosen leaf. Cover your pile of sand with a piece of plastic wrap.

3. Place the leaf face down on the pile of sand. After placing the leaf you might need to adjust the sand pile to make sure that the leaf is fully supported.

4. Cover the outside of the leaf with concrete. Put the concrete in the center of the leaf and work it towards the outer edges. You want the concrete to be about one inch thick in the center and gradually taper down to approximately 1/4 inch along the edges.

5. Put plastic wrap over the concrete covered leaf and wait for it to dry. It will take a couple of days for the concrete to dry thoroughly.

6. Remove the plastic wrap and carefully turn the sand cast leaf over after the concrete is fully dry. Lift the second sheet of plastic wrap off of the leaf.

7. Peel off the leaf. Most of the leaf will pull off easily, but you will might have to use a scrub brush to remove any pieces that do not come off. Wait a week for the concrete to cure before sealing or painting.

8. Paint your sand cast birdbath in the color of your choice. If you do not want to paint it, you can apply a coat of concrete sealer before filling it with water for the birds.

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Tips :

1. You can place your new sand cast birdbath on the ground in your garden or yard or on a pedestal.

2. If the leaf you want to use as a hole or tear in it, you can take a small piece from another leaf and place it over the damaged area as a patch.

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