Chic and Cozy: These Baby Crochet Hats Are Simply Adorable!

Whether you’re interested in making something for your own child or want to create crafts to sell, there are many crochet baby hat patterns to choose from online. This roundup showcases some of our favorite free patterns for infants, with designs suitable for both beginning and intermediate level crochet enthusiasts.

Simple Crochet Beanie

VIEW IN GALLERYSimple Crochet Beanie

A basic beanie pattern available in sizes suitable for everyone from newborns to adult men and women, this free hat design is a great place to begin your crochet adventures. Visit Oombawka Design Crochet for the details.

A Very Good Hat for the Whole Family


Another crochet pattern suitable for the entire family, this striped design features a decorative pom pom on top and comes in six different sizes. Head over to Moogly for the free pattern.

Baby Turban

VIEW IN GALLERYbaby turban

A simple yet elegant design, this baby turban hat is sure to become a wardrobe staple for your little one. Head over to Yarn Gate for the free pattern.

Vintage Pearl Baby Hat

VIEW IN GALLERYVintage Pearl Baby Hat

Accented with tiny faux pearls, this dressy vintage-inspired hat will have your daughter looking like the belle of the ball. Get the free pattern at Hopeful Honey.

Button Trapper Hat

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet eskimo hat

This adorable trapper hat can easily be customized for a boy or girl and uses two large buttons for embellishment. Visit Whistle and Ivy for the details.

Double Pom Pom Hat

VIEW IN GALLERYdouble pom pom hat

This quirky little double pom pom hat is made with bulky weight yarn to keep baby warm and cozy. Head over to Maybe Matilda for the free pattern.

Flower Hat

VIEW IN GALLERYstriped flower hat

A striped hat with a layered flower embellishment makes a stylish accessory for the little girl in your life. (Leave the flower off and choose different colors to make a boy’s hat.) You can snag this free baby hat crochet pattern by visiting Knotty Knotty.

Red Apple Hat


Just imagine how cute baby will look in this festive fall red apple hat! It’s perfect for all your seasonal photo ops. Head over to Ravelry to snag your free pattern for this fun crochet project.

Fox Hat


Crochet this matching fox hat and diaper cover and you’ll have the best dressed baby on the block. Visit Croby Patterns to learn more.

Very Hungry Caterpillar Hat

VIEW IN GALLERYhungry caterpillar hat

Inspired by the popular children’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, this clever hat is designed to fit babies ages 6-12 months. Visit Hand Me Down Hobby for the free crochet pattern.

Bobble Beard Beanie

VIEW IN GALLERYbobble beard

For a unique hat that’s sure to make you smile every time you see your baby wearing it, try this creating this crochet beanie with an attached bobble beard.  Ashlee Marie shows you how to make it on her blog.

Gorgeous Crochet Hat for Little Princesses – Free Pattern and Guide

There’s something uniquely timeless and endlessly elegant about a gorgeously crafted crochet hat – especially if it happens to be a hat you’ve lovingly made with your own hands! There isn’t a little girl in the world that wouldn’t look even sweeter still in this adorable crochet bonnet, which follows the same classic design that’s been used across the world for generations.

VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-crochet-pretty-panama-hat-for-girls F3

It may look like a work of art, but it’s actually a surprisingly easy craft project to go about. If you’ve picked up the basics with a few of the simpler crochet stitches, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll have no trouble whipping a handful of these out in no time! We’ve provided one of the best and easiest-to-follow video tutorials that will guide you through the process, along with a series of images to give you a step-by-step insight into how to works.

Unique Crochet Hats for Girls

As you can see, the basic design of the hat is wonderfully simple and presents you with something of a blank canvas with which to work. This particular hat has been embellished with a series of quite spectacular crochet flowers and leaves, though it’s entirely up to you how much or how little you do with your own hat. Go minimal or take things to new levels with a world of decorative touches – it’s all up to you!

There’s really no better gift than the kind of gift that’s made by hand and has genuine love and affection in every stitch. Hats like these are far more than just great presents, they’re keepsakes the family will undoubtedly want to hang onto for life!

[Check Our Tutorial: HERE]

Pic-by-pic Tutorial

VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-crochet-pretty-panama-hat-for-girls-52 VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-crochet-pretty-panama-hat-for-girls-65 VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-crochet-pretty-panama-hat-for-girls-51 VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-crochet-pretty-panama-hat-for-girls-66


These amazing Crochet Elsa Braids Hats

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet Elsa braids Hats

Crochet Panama Hat for Girls with Free Pattern

Why head out and buy a panama hat for the little lady in your life when you can whip up this amazing hat at home for next to nothing? There’s nothing quite as enjoyable or satisfying as getting stuck into a good crochet craft project – especially when there’s someone so special just waiting for an amazing gift like this!

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Panama-Hats-for girls DIY

We think this is one of the best patterns and guides on the web right now – the fact that it’s 100% free is of course a bonus! Take your pick of any colored yarn, arm yourself with the most basic crochet tools and you’ll be amazed how quickly this beautiful little bonnet begins to take shape!

Simple or Extravagant

The simple panama hat alone is a work of art in its own right, but we’re sure you’ll agree that these added flower details and decorative touches really do make it even more super-sweet! You’ll have total creative freedom just as soon as you pick up the basics – you’ll also find plenty of free crochet flower patterns across our website to help inspire you!

VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-crochet-pretty-panama-hat-for-girls F3

For your own daughter or as an amazing gift for any pretty princess in your life, nothing says more than a handmade gift with thought and affection in every stitch. You’ll need to know your way around a crochet hook to pull off the kinds of professional-quality results seen here, but even if you’re still finding your feet, you’ll have a wonderful time with this project!

You’ll find the pattern and video tutorial you need right here, 100% free of charge!

Happy crafting!

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet-hat-base-diagram

YouTube video

Quick note: please check the comments, Valerie, one of our friends wrote an English pattern for us, what a great job! Big thanks to Valerie, you did a wonderful job!

I wrote down the pattern while watching the video. I’ts probably not perfect, but this is what I got

Girls Panama Hat Pattern / Tutorial

Yarn: Baby weight / Hook: C, 2 – 2.75mm

Rnd 1). ch 5, sl st to form a ring, ch 4, 15 dc in ring, join with sl st to 3rd ch of beginning ch 3.
Rnd 2). Ch 4 dc around first post of dc in previous rnd (called front post double crochet stitch; fpdc), ch 1, *fpdc, ch 1* repeat from * to * until end, sl st to 3rd ch of [ch 3].
Rnd 3). Ch 3, fpdc around first st in previous rnd, ch 1, *dc in next st, fpdc around same dc in previous rnd, ch 1 * repeat from * to * until end, sl st to 3rd ch of [ch 3].
Rnd 4). Ch 4, fpdc around first front dc of previous rnd, ch 1, dc in next st, ch 1, * repeat from * to *till end, ending with fpdc, ls st to 3rd ch of beginning [ch 4].
Rnd 5). Ch 3, dc in same sd joining, ch 1, * 2 dc in next dc, ch 1, fpdc around next fpdc, ch 1 *, repeat from * to * until end, ending with [fpdc, ch1], sl st to 3rd ch of beginning [ch 3].
Rnd 6). Ch 3, dc in same as joining, and in next st, ch 1 fpdc around next post of fpdc of previous rnd, ch 1 * 2 dc in next st, dc in next st, ch 1, fpdc, ch1*, repeat from * to *, ending with fpdc, ch 1, sl st to 3rd ch of beginning [ch 3].
Rnd 7). Ch 3, 2 dc in same as joining, ch 1, fpdc, ch 1, * 2 dc in next dc, dc in next 2 dc, ch t, fpdc, ch 1 * repeat to last st, ending with [fpdc, ch 1], sl st in 3rd ch of beginning [ch 3].
Rnd 8 – 27). Ch 3, dc in same as joining, and in next 2 dc, leaving 1 st unworked, ch 1, fpdc, ch 2, * 2 dc in next st, dc in next 2 st, leaving 1 st unworked, ch 1, fpdc, ch 2*, repeat from * to * till end, ending with [fpdc,ch 2], sl st to 3rd ch in beginning [ch 3]. On last rnd, change color in last pull through of sl st, Do not cut yarn.
Rnd 28 – 29). 1 sc in each st, and 1 sc in each ch space around until end, sc into beginning st of previous rnd.
Rnd 30). 1 sc in next 3 st, drop yarn, pick up original color yarn, pull a loop through next st, ch 4, * fpdc around post of next sc, dc on left in same st*, repeat from * to * until end, sl st to 3rd ch of [ch 4].
Rnd 31). Ch 3, * fpdc around next dc of previous rnd, dc in next st *, repeat from * to * until end, sl st to 3rd ch of beginning [ch 3].
Rnd 32 – 35). Ch 3, * fpdc around fpdc of previous rnd, dc in next dc*, repeat from * to * until end, ending with [dc in last dc].
Rnd 36). Ch 1, working in opposite direction, using the crab stitch, work crab stitch around. Join with sl st to first st, finish off, weave in all ends.

VIEW IN GALLERYRussian Little Girls Cloche panama Hat Pattern- the spiral one

[Spiral pattern: source]

New Panama Hat Project to try

Similar with the one above, we also have this cute pattern for you to try. It’s from Mylittlecitygirl

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Panama-Hats-for girls DIY2

Homemade Headgear: Crocheted Messy Bun Hat Patterns

We’ve seen all kinds of patterns through the last few years of messy bun hats made by knitting them, but what if you’re actually more of a crochet enthusiast? Well, luckily for all of us, there are actually all kinds of options for crocheted ponytail and messy bun hats! We’ve been collecting all kinds of crochet designs lately so we have all kinds of different options when we want to crochet this kind of hat for family and friends.

1. Simple messy bun beanie


If you’re going to style your hair into an awesome bun sticking out the top of your hat, you don’t necessarily need a lot of fancy stitch work and construction when it comes to the hat itself! That’s why we liked this simple beanie design from DZ Crochet Creations that has some fun texture that doesn’t detract from your impressive bun.

2. Town beanie messy bun hat


Perhaps some kind of awesome style or construction is exactly what you’d like in your crocheted messy bun hat, so you’ve been holding out for a more distinctive or vintage looking design to try? Well, if you’ve ever enjoyed a hat with a stylish brim, then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at this cute pattern from Pattern Paradise that even features a fold with a button.

3. Puff bun hat


Just in case texture is really your thing, here’s another option that’s full of awesome stitched in detailing and shape! We love the way Elifine Designs used varied stitches on alternative rows to make a fantastic hat that has a lot of visual interest, especially once you’ve added a couple buttons on the edge.

4. Bun hat with a flower


Maybe, rather than just crocheting some visual appeal right into the hat, you’d rather add some actual embellishments once the whole hat is finished? In that case, we think you’ll really appreciate the way Daisy Cottage Designs balanced the height of their hair bun with an awesome layered crocheted flower!

5. Fast & Simple messy bun hat


Is it actually a little bit warmer during the fall where you lived? Well, that’s nice because it opens you to the world of making and wearing slightly more mesh textured hats without getting too cold! We really appreciate this pattern from Knit Kreations because it’s definitely got some stitch interest but it’s simple enough that it’s also very quick to make.

6. Crochet Cables hat


We know that most things made with cables are actually knitted and not crocheted, but it’s a design element we love so much that we simply had to find a pattern that will show you how to do it with your hook instead! Thanks to A Crocheted Simplicity, we’ve found precisely what we were looking for, meaning we can make the ideal messy bun hat for a more classic yarn wear look.

7. Owner and puppy ponytail hats


If you can make a warm fall hat that involves a hole for your bun or ponytail to poke through then it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine that you can also make a hat with holes for, say, little ears, right? Well, that’s exactly what Briana K Designs thought too, which is why they made this fantastic pattern that has instructions for adult, child, and puppy dog ponytail hats!

8. Long stitch messy bun hat


Have you always been more fond of the crocheted stitches that have a bit more of their own shape in each stitch, rather than just the ones that give a bit of subtle texture? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll get along very well indeed with this awesome long stitch ponytail hat featured on Mango Tree Crafts!

9. Meshy messy bun hat


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about mesh style messy bun hats but the pattern we showed you before isn’t actually quite as meshy as you thought it would be? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Lilly-Oma Designs made this particular design instead!

10. Seashore messy bun hat


Just in case we caught your attention well when we started talking about hats that showcase a particular stitch but the long stitch isn’t really grabbing you, here’s an awesome alternative! Simply Collectible guides you step by step through the process of creating a lovely seashore inspired messy bun hat made entirely of shell stitch except for the brim.

11. Colour work ponytail hat


Have you actually always loved colour work in yarn wear, particularly when it comes to crocheted patterns because it’s a bit easier than knitting and a whole lot of fun? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Alena Design made this adorable messy bun hat that alternates its colour pattern in triplicate all the way from rim to crown!

12. Ribbed and buttoned bun hat


Have you actually been hoping to find a messy bun hat pattern that’s a little more delicate looking than some of what you’ve seen so far? Then we think perhaps you’d get along a little better using a thinner yarn, and we’d absolutely encourage you to take a look at how Naztazia made this fantastic folded ribbing hat, complete with an accent button!

13. Arielle chunky bun hat


Maybe you’re actually looking for the opposite thing to what we just mentioned when it comes to the weight of your yarn? Then we have a feeling this wonderfully chunky ponytail hat outlined step by step on Meadowvale Studio will be a little more up your alley! They show you how to make it happen with bulky yarn instead of the thing kind you see above.

14. Aliz messy bun hat


Have you always loved hats that have a bit of a swirl to them because you love the way the stitches spiral upwards in those kinds of constructions? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Maki Crochet made this fantastic messy bun hat that features stylish ridges with diagonal decorative stitches in between. We love their colour change as well!

15. Harlequin slouch ponytail hat


Have you actually been scrolling through our list hoping to come across a hat that, despite having a messy bun hole, is a little closer to a slouch hat in its style? Well, particularly if you love texture and raised patterning as much as we do, we’d definitely encourage you to take a look at how Crochet by Jennifer made this fantastic piece.

Do you know another DIY yarn crafts enthusiast who loves the idea of a messy bun hat but hasn’t tried their hand at crocheting one yet? Share this post with them so they have all kinds of awesome patterns to choose from!

Ultra-Cute Fashion Statement: 15 Novelty Crocheted Fall Hats for Kids

Usually when we pick up our crochet hook, we’re preparing to make something beautiful and intricate. Every once in a while, however, we’d rather use that hook’s power and our skills to make something a little more silly and amusing than usual! That’s why we adore crocheting kids’ hats; the patterns are so full of novelty and character that fall time usually yields a plethora of silly little hats in our house.

Just in case you love the idea of crocheting some novelty or themed hats for the kids around you this fall just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the cutest looking patterns we’ve bookmarked so far this autumn.

1. Little Bunny hat


Bunnies might be more of a spring design and a fall one but, when it comes to the things our kids life, we don’t usually ask questions or apply seasonal rules. That’s why we’ve made several of these little bunny hats for the kids in our lives, no matter the time of year! Check out how wonderfully simple this little hat and its floppy ears really are to make on Make and Do Crew.

2. Newborn Teddy Bear hat


Perhaps you or someone you know is expecting a brand new arrival this fall and you’d like to make sure they have something nice and toasty but also adorable to come home from the hospital in, keeping them comfortable despite the chill? Well, if adorable teddy bears have ever been something you enjoy, here’s a fantastic design from Hopeful Honey complete with the cutest ears we ever did see.

3. Magical Unicorn hood


Are your little kids just as obsessed with unicorns as ours have been for the past few years, always asking you for unicorn themed things whenever you offer to make them something? Then we have a feeling you’re going to get along very well indeed with this adorable unicorn hood featured step by step on Mama in A Stitch. We love this design because it’s a little more classic and vintage looking than other unicorn themed toques we’ve seen online or crocheted in the past.

4. Crochet Fox hat


We know we’ve included quite a number of animal themed hats on our list so far, but they’re just so adorable that we positively can’t resist! This cute little fox hat, complete with ears and hanging ties, is the perfect example of what we mean. The Stitchin’ Mommy shows you how to crochet the main shape of the hat, as well as how to embellish it with the little fox’s features.

5. Crochet Lamb hat


If you’re going to make a cute crocheted animal hat, would you prefer to make then kind that makes your child actually look like they are the baby animal, rather than making a hat with its own face? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Repeat Crafter Me created this fantastic little lamb hat that makes Baby look like they have their own set of tiny white ears.

6. Funky Monster hat


Just in case the things your kids love most have always been a little more colourful and unconventional than the average bunny or teddy bear, here’s a hilariously bright monster design for your consideration! Check out how Daisy Cottage Designs made their funny hat with three big eyes and some colourful monster horns.

7. Easy Crochet Giraffe hat


Just in case you’re really loving the animal shaped hat ideas we’ve shown you but you just haven’t quite found the creature your kids love best yet, here’s another fun friend to make! We love the way Mama in A Stitch created a simple giraffe design complete with a happy stitched face, little ears, and horns, adding pom poms on the ends where a giraffe would have tufts of hair.

8. Baby Snowman hat


We know we said we’ve been looking primarily for fall hats, but there was just something about this adorable little snowman that caught our eye and our hearts! Besides, just because snowmen are more of a winter thing doesn’t mean you can’t crochet this design in the fall, right? Get the full details for making one of your own on Make and Do Crew.

9. Elephant hat


So far we’ve shown you rabbits, foxes, bunnies, and bears, but what if you’d rather turn your baby into a wild animal that’s a little more wild? Well, we love the ironic size difference between a tiny baby and a majestic beast, so you can probably imagine how much we adored this little crocheted elephant hat! Get the full stitching pattern on Jenny and Teddy.

10. Ladybug hat


Have you actually been scrolling through our list and thinking about how one of your child’s favourite animals isn’t actually an animal indeed but, rather, a bug? Then maybe you’d get along a little better with something like this adorable lady bug hat featured step by step on Repeat Crafter Me! We can’t get over how cute the spots and antennae are.

11. Bernat Racoon hat


In the interest of making sure you get all kinds of adorable animal options, here’s another idea that’s so darling we could hardly contain ourselves! Check out how Yarnspirations created a racoon hat in surprisingly few simple steps, making sure to get that signature stripe around the eyes, just like the real thing.

12. Flowery Owl hat


Were you quite taken with the colours and style of the monster hat we showed you earlier on our list but you’re also kind of convinced that your kids, who are huge animal lovers, would still prefer a hat that looks like some kind of real life creature? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Daisy Cottage Designs made this brightly coloured, big eyed owl toque featuring adorable ear tufts and a little flower on one side, if you’re feeling girly.

13. Funny Frog hat


Just in case you loved the structure and fit of the newborn teddy bear but you’ve already made several teddy bears this year, here’s another design that’s similar but lets you turn Baby into another animal entirely! Check out how Posh Patterns made their top circles into big eyes instead of big ears in order to make funny little frog hat.

14. Spring Chick hat


Just like the bunny design we showed you earlier, we understand that little chicks are definitely more of a spring thing than a fall or winter one, but kids don’t care about that! If it’s crocheted and it’ll keep the kids warm, it’s fair game all year round, in our opinion. See how this cute spring chick with the little yarn ear feathers was made on Daisy Cottage Designs.

15. Pom Pom Party hat


What if you’ve actually been scrolling through our list hoping to find a design that’s a little less animal based and simply a lot of fun to wear? Then maybe this adorably silly pom pom hat idea outlined stitch by stitch on Make and Do Crew would be a little more up your alley! This is another example of the kind of design we were talking about earlier where the hat will look like a lot of fun no matter what colours you choose, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

15 Adorable Crocheted Food Patterns That Will Make You Squeal!

Have you ever seen an inanimate object that’s so incredibly adorable that, even though it doesn’t really seem to serve much purpose, you just can’t help but love it immediately and want one of your own? That’s precisely how we felt we we stumbled upon the crafting concept of crocheted foods. While some of these little trinkets are marketed as kids’ toys, not everyone uses them as such. As with most novelty things, these DIY goods are usually miniature or, as if small size wasn’t enough, they often have cute little faces that transform them into little characters as well. We’re utterly obsessed and can’t wait for a free day to sit down and crochet ourselves a whole supermarket’s worth of snacks!

Check out these 15 extra cute crocheted food patterns that are sure to make you feel happy and hungry all at once.

1. Amigurumi vegetables


Are you the kind of naturally healthy person who has always just loved vegetables more than most other snacks, even when you have a choice between those and treats and you’re not on a conscious health diet? Then you’re the perfect person to be crocheting yourself a series of adorable personified vegetable trinkets! These little veggies from Amigurumi Food are surprisingly detailed and feature a whole range of emotions on their “faces”, just in case their small size wasn’t quite cute enough for you.

2. Kawaii cheeseburger


What’s better than a delicious cheeseburger piled high with yummy toppings? An adorable tiny tribute to that delicious cheeseburger, of course, but do you know what’s even better than that? One that has a cute little smile to brighten your day! On top of that, don’t you just get the most satisfaction out of making things yourself? We sure do. Get this cute burger pattern from Jen Smith.

3. Tiny strawberry cake


What if you’d love to make yourself a tiny crocheted food but you’d rather have it serve some kind of purpose for you other than just being cute? Then perhaps you’d enjoy making yourself this simple strawberry cake coin purse instead! Sky Magenta is kind enough to show you not only how to crochet the cake and its strawberries, but also how to put the zipper in so that it opens.

4. Crocheted toasted with butter


This adorable crochet pattern for a piece of toast with butter is almost as simple as actually making yourself an easy piece of toast with butter. Beginners rejoice, you can hop on the crocheted food trend too! Samantha Bilodeau shows you exactly where to switch colours, how to increase and decrease for shape, and generally how to have more fun than usual making yourself some “toast”.

5. Amigurumi popsicles


Perhaps you’re intent on crocheting yourself some adorable kawaii style food but you’d prefer to do something that’s brightly coloured and almost life-sized, just for extra fun? Then check out these cute amigurumi popsicles from Amigurumi Food! Their little faces are made from beads for the eyes and little cut pieces of felt for the mouth, so the design to make these popsicles is actually much simpler than it might appear.

6. Kawaii soda pop


Have your favourite foods always been fast foods and, even though you try not to indulge in them often, you still love them more than most things right down to the pop you get with your meal? Then try crocheting yourself a cute little soda pop cup instead of having a second one in real life today! That almost satisfies the craving, right…? Jen Smith has the pattern for you.

7. Crocheted tacos


We love tacos. It’s as simple as that. You could serve us just about any kind of taco and we’d be very pleased for the rest of the day. In fact, we love tacos so much that we’d even be pleased if you served us these crocheted tacos, despite the fact that we can’t eat them! Check out how Joyce Overhaul made these little tacos that are strangely cute to look at even though they don’t even feature kawaii faces (unless you want to add those yourself, of course).

8. Apple pie play set


We mentioned before that some people use or give crocheted food pieces as toys for kids, but they’re often still just decorative with only a single piece to them. Mama Bice, however, takes the idea of crocheted play food to the next level! This pattern teaches you how to make yourself a pie crust base, a prettily decorated pie crust top, and adorable little green and red apple slices to pile inside like you’re actually going to bake it! We’d be tempted to play with this ourselves when our kids aren’t using it.

9. Stitched hot cocoa


Have you always loved winter and fall because cooler weather means you get to enjoy warmer drinks and treats more comfortably? We’ll always take a hot chocolate piled high with whipped cream! That’s probably why we fell so in love with these adorable miniature hot cocoa trinkets from Fair Trade Family. They’re surprisingly simple to make, even for beginners!

10. Amigurumi donuts


In the world of amigurumi, even the simplest shapes can be transformed into something totally adorable. These easy crocheted rings are no problem to turn into fun donuts if you add some miniature pom poms for sprinkles, a couple beads for eyes, and a few simple stitches of embroidery floss for a mouth and blushing cheeks. Change the colour on one side to look like icing if you’re feeling very creative! See how it’s all done on Amigurumi Food.

11. Kawaii French fries


Did you already make yourself the soda pop and perhaps even the burger and now you’re staring at your tiny foods and thinking about how the set looks incomplete without a side dish? Then complete the meal by crocheting yourself a serving of happy little French fries, just like Jen Smith did here! They’re adorable even before you add their little face.

12. Watermelon halves


Did you love the idea of crocheted play foods that you can actually play with but you’re not so keen on crocheting all the separate little pieces to make the pie crust and individual apple slices for filling it? Then try something that just has two pieces instead! We suggest this crazy fun watermelon pattern from Stephanie Pokorny. The halves of the watermelon come apart so you can “serve” them like you would in real life on a warm summer’s day!

13. Crocheted continental breakfast


If you’re going to crochet yourself all these little meal elements, why not go all out and make yourself the whole meal instead? That’s what NeedleNoodles did here to create not just funny hand crafted bacon, but an entire continental breakfast! It almost makes us hungry just considering the pattern and yarn options to do this one.

14. Amigurumi chocolate kisses


Are you the kind of gift giver who loves making things for your friends by hand rather than buying them things because it shows how much love and care you’re willing to invest in them? Then we’ve got the perfect little trinket to show them you love them in a fun way. Amigurumi Food guides you through the process of crocheting cute little chocolate kisses with happy faces, complete with the ribbon on top that you’d usually pull to unwrap them! We love the way they added a little heart bead to each one for extra cuteness.

15. Kawaii pizza


Were you worried for one second that we were going to hand you an entire list of crocheted foods and not include pizza on it? Well, stay calm, because we know how crazy we’d have to be to leave out such a classic favourite. Luckily for all of us, Jen Smith has an awesome pattern all laid out that will help you make your very own happy kawaii pizza, complete with a few yummy veggie toppings.

Do you know someone who loves both food and novelty handmade things as much as we do? Show them this list of crocheted food trinkets and keep them busy for days!

10 Gorgeous Baby Crocheted Hats

Keep baby’s head warm this winter with these adorable crocheted hats you can make in a weekend. Super easy to make these designs will make the perfect additions to your baby’s wardrobe this season.

1. Semi-Handmade Mohawk Beanie

VIEW IN GALLERYSemi-Handmade Mohawk Beanie

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Semi-Handmade Mohawk Beanie

Okay, so while you might not be knitting this hat, it’s still a super cool design to make for your children. They’ll love running around with their very own Mohawk beanie hat. To make your own, check out This Mama Makes Stuff.

2. Where’s Waldo?

VIEW IN GALLERYWhere’s Waldo Baby crochet hat

Crochet your child the perfect Where’s Waldo hat that they are sure to love. This design is easy to make and will keep those winter chills away. To make your own, check out Repeat Crafter Me.

3. Lightening McQueen Hat

VIEW IN GALLERYLightening McQueen Hat

Does your child love cars? Then this Lightening McQueen hat is the one for you. This is the perfect hat for them to dress up in while keeping their head warm at the same time. Check out Twin Dragonfly Designs for more information.

4. Crocheted Football Hat

VIEW IN GALLERYCrocheted Football Hat

If you’re a fan of American football you’re going to love this next design we have for you. Keep your little baby boy or girl warm with this super cosy hat that is sure to get everyone going crazy over them. Check out Jenny and Teddy for more information.

5. Bear Girl


How adorable does this cute hat look? For an easy design to make that you’ll be able to finish in no time at all, why not check out Hanni Craft for more information. This is the perfect design if you’re just getting into crocheting too.

6. Cable Slouchy Beanie

VIEW IN GALLERYCable Slouchy Beanie

This is an adorable hat for any child that will definitely keep them looking warm and chic. Not only that, but if you love it when your child matches with what you’re wearing you can also make an adult version of this hat too. Check out All About Ami to find out more.

7. Monsters Inc. Sulley Crochet Hat

VIEW IN GALLERYMonsters Inc. Sulley Crochet Hat

Do you love Disney films? Does your child have a favourite Disney character? Maybe they liked the Monsters Inc. films when they came out and enjoyed the warm-hearted monster known as Sulley. Well, now you can make their very own hat as Sulley from the film. Check out Hopeful Honey for more information.

8. Dino Hat with Cape

VIEW IN GALLERYDino Hat with Cape

VIEW IN GALLERYSuper cute Dino Hat with Cape

What an adorable hat and cape set this is. This is sure to keep the chill off your baby and will make them too adorable that you’ll want them to wear it all the time. To make your own, check out Snovej.

9. Newborn Hat


For your newborn baby keeping them warm is very important and that all starts with their head. Instead of buying them a hat, why not make their first handmade hat that will have more meaning and value to it. Check out Projects Around the House for more information.

10. Fox Hat


To make a fun hat that has character behind it, check out The Stitch in Mommy to crochet your own fox hat for your child. This hat looks like it has been bought out of the shop, but you can remain satisfied knowing that you made it all yourself.

8 Wonderful Free Patterns for Crochet Floppy Bunny hats

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Bunny-Floppy-Ears-Free-Crochet-Pattern-woderfuldiyfThese Floppy Easter Bunny Ear hats are super cute . They are great for Easter celebration . I can’t wait to make this one with crochet flower decoration . How about you ? All patterns are free . Happy crocheting ~~

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Bunny-Floppy-Ears-Free-Crochet-Pattern-woderfuldiy1

Pickadilly Charm — Easter Bunny Floppy Hat Free Pattern 

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Bunny-Floppy-Ears-Free-Crochet-Pattern-woderfuldiy2Crochet Easter Bunny Hat Free Pattern via Micah Makes

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Bunny-Floppy-Ears-Free-Crochet-Pattern-woderfuldiy3Sweet Bunny Easter Hat Free Crochet Pattern via Redheart

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Bunny-Floppy-Ears-Free-Crochet-Pattern-woderfuldiy4Crochet Bunny Hat Floppy Ears Free Pattern via lisaauch1

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Bunny-Floppy-Ears-Free-Crochet-Pattern-woderfuldiy5Bunny Hat Free Crochet Pattern via Beginner Crochet

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Bunny-Floppy-Ears-Free-Crochet-Pattern-woderfuldiy6Easter Bunny Hat and Diaper Set Free Crochet Pattern via Repeat Crafter Me

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Bunny-Floppy-Ears-Free-Crochet-Pattern-woderfuldiy7

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Bunny-Floppy-Ears-Free-Crochet-Pattern-woderfuldiy8

Easter Bunny Crochet Hat Free Pattern via Oombawkadesigncrochet

Bonus :

VIEW IN GALLERY10+ free patterns for animal hats-wonderfuldiy

14 FREE patterns for crochet animal hats

VIEW IN GALLERYAnimal-Slippers-Free-Patterns1-wonderfuldiyf

Cute knitted / Crochet animal slippers – FREE PATTERN

VIEW IN GALLERYKnitted-Bunny-wonderfuldiy

Easy to make a bunny from a square

10+ Crochet Animal Hats That Are Uber Cute

Looking for a way to totally change the meaning of ‘cute’ once and for all? We’ve got just the thing – one look at these amazing crochet animal hats and you’ll see exactly what we mean!

VIEW IN GALLERY10+ free patterns for animal hats-wonderfuldiy

We’ve been searching the web high and low to bring you the very best crochet patterns for baby hats. However, we came across so many amazing examples that we thought it best to share a full TEN of them with you! Just take a look at any of these hats and imagine that special little someone in your life wearing one – it’s almost too cute to bear, isn’t it?

VIEW IN GALLERYZoe_Giraffe(Crochet Giraffe Hat Pattern – pattern from RepeatCrafterMe)

Kids just love these hats as much as you’ll love making them. Among our personal favorites below you’ll find polar bears, dogs, cows, pigs, pandas and so many more – each somehow being even more adorable than the last! And don’t worry – we’re all about sharing the simplest of craft projects and pattern you won’t need to be an expert to master!

The fact that they’re all free of charge is an added bonus too!

Gorgeous Gifts for Beautiful Babies

These are so much more than just practical items to keep baby warm – they’re amazing keepsakes they’ll want to keep hold of for life! There’s no gift in the world that says more than a gift you make with your own two hands – especially if the results happen to be the sweetest thing since sweetness itself! Don’t worry if you don’t have too much time to spare – you’ll be amazed how quickly these hats begin to take shape.

VIEW IN GALLERYlittle-panda-crochet-hat-wonderfuldiy

(Crochet panda hat by Jennyandteddy)

As mentioned, each of the patterns has been personally selected by us and tried out dozens of times over – if we can pull off great results, we’re sure you can too! And as they’re all free to use, why not whip up a small collection and make baby’s day over and over again?

Check out the rest of our cute crochet patterns for baby gifts across our collection – if you like these, you’ll love what else we have to share!

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Elephant-Hat-Free-Pattern-wonderfuldiy

(Elephant Crochet Hat pattern by Allfreecrochet)

VIEW IN GALLERYfox hat free crochet pattern-wonderfuldiy

(Crochet Fox Hat from thestitchinmommy)

VIEW IN GALLERYCow-Crochet-Hat- wonderfuldiy

(Crochet Cow Hat from RepeatCrafterMe)

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet pig hat free pattern-wonderfuldiy(Crochet Pig Hat from RepeatCrafterMe)

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet dog hat free-wonderfuldiy

An amazing Crochet Dalmatian Dog HatVIEW IN GALLERYhippo_hat free pattern-wonderfuldiy

(Crochet Hippo Hat from OneAndToCompany)

VIEW IN GALLERYPolarBear hat free-wonderfuldiy

(Crochet Polar Bear Hat – Free Pattern)

VIEW IN GALLERYSock Monkey Baby Hat Crochet Pattern 3

And you can always make this Crochet sock monkey hat if you want to make sure everyone will get crazy about your little one.

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet-hippo-hat

Or a Happy Crochet Hippo Hat if he’s into larger animals? 🙂 Free pattern here

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet Frog Hat F

Or make it even more adorable with this Crochet frog hat, we have the free-pattern for you.

Wonderful DIY Crochet Snowman Hat and Cocoon with Free Pattern

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet Snowman Ear Muff Hat and Cocoon wonderfuldiy2

How cute is this Snowman Ear Muff Hat and Cocoon set ! It’s a great way  for keeping the baby comfy and warmth. Two of my friends will deliver their babies next month , I can’t wait to make this as a baby gift . I think they will love it .

The pattern is free that shared by Sarah, please check the link below for the free pattern and instructions, learn how to make this unique crochet snowman ear muff hat and cocoon . Happy crocheting !

Materials you will need :

– White Chunky Yarn: Here used Loops & Threads Charisma yarn in white. It is a 100% Acrylic Yarn, Bulky 5 weight, 3.5 oz. skein/ 109 yds. You can purchase t at Michaels. This pattern will only work correctly if you use chunky yarn.

– Worsted weight yarn.Here used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Black, Terracotta Orange, and Magenta.

– Size H Crochet Hook
Tapestry needle
– Black buttons in 3 different sizes: 1″, 1/2″, and 1/4″
– Poly-fil fiber stuffing
VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet Snowman Ear Muff Hat and Cocoon wonderfuldiy3

Crochet Snowman Ear Muff Hat and Cocoon – Click here for the Free Pattern 

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet snowman hat free pattern F

Crochet-snowman-hat-with-free-pattern — Check here

How to Crochet a Hat for Beginners

VIEW IN GALLERYHow to Crochet a Hat for Beginners-wonderfuldiy

Handmade crochet hats are very popular , they are combination of fashion and warm . Make your own crochet hat, you can not only save money but also get a custom gift to show you love and care .

We have posted many projects of crochet hats , some crochet beginners told us : so beautiful, but it’s too hard to complete by myself ! Someone asked : Where can I buy it ?… Yes sometimes I am in trouble too, because I am also a crochet beginner and I love crochet hats so much .

Today we digged this project, how to make a crochet hat for beginners ? It’s very very useful, the tutorial is from Choosing your yarn, hook to get a complete hat, there are many details and including the video. Wonderful ~~ Please check the link blow for the tutorial by Wikihow , with some simple directions and a bit of time, you’ll have a brand new hat for yourself or a friend to show off. .. enjoy crocheting !

Click here for the tutorial

If you are good at crocheting , you can make these pretty hats:

VIEW IN GALLERYA Hat With Love- wonderfuldiy

Myhobbyiscrochet — A-hat-with-love Free Crochet Pattern

VIEW IN GALLERYWomen's Peaked Cap-wonderfuldiy

Yarnspirations — Croche women’s  peaked  cap FREE PATTERN

VIEW IN GALLERYButterfly Stitch Beanie-wonderfuldiyF

Meladorascreations  — Butterfly-stitch-beanie-free-crochet-pattern

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Panama-Hats-for girls DIY

Pretty-panama-hats-for-girls — Check here

8 Inspiring Crochet Sun Hat Designs – Free Patterns and Guides

As the winter starts to fade and dreams of outdoor living once again sweep the nation, what better time to get busy with this amazing crochet sun hat craft project? We’ve scoured the web to bring you what we believe are the eight very best DIY sun hat designs and patterns out there, which we guarantee are so much easier to pull off than you’d believe!

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Sun-Hats-free pattern-wonderfuldiy

There’s really nothing cuter than a gorgeous little boy or girl in an equally gorgeous sun hat – unless of course that hat happens to have been handmade by you personally! From the simplest of single-color hats to more elaborate designs with flowers and decorative accents, you can take your pick of the best patterns of the bunch and crochet up a storm in no time.

Sun Hats: Pretty, Protective, Perfect!

We all know how important it is to protect children from the sun’s ray, so why not do so with a handmade hat that’s as pretty as it is protective? Even with such impressive looks, you’ll be surprised just how easy these hats are to make with a few basic supplies and just a couple of simple crochet stitches.

Even if it’s your first time with a crochet needle, chances are you’ll be hitting your stride in no time!

1. Ruffled brim crochet sun hat

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Sun-Hats-free pattern-wonderfuldiy4

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Sun-Hats-free pattern-wonderfuldiy1[from Hatting Madly Crochet]

Take a look at the patterns up and down this page for a little essential inspiration, but don’t forget you can be as creative as you like with your own hats.

The more unique to you they are, the better!

2. Pineapple lace sunhat for girls

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Sun-Hats-free pattern-wonderfuldiy2[Pineapple Lace Hat from The Crochet Lounge]

3. Baby boy crochetsummer sun hat

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Sun-Hats-free pattern-wonderfuldiy3[Pattern by My Merry Messy Life]

4. Crochet ToddlerSun Hat

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Sun-Hats-free pattern-wonderfuldiy5[Pattern by Stitch11]

5. Peach happy sun hat

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Sun-Hats-free pattern-wonderfuldiy6[Another pattern by Stitch11]

6. Yoyo-Puff Wide Brim Hat For Girl

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Sun-Hats-free pattern-wonderfuldiy7

VIEW IN GALLERYyoyo puff hat-wonderfuldiy[Pattern by Craft Passion]

7. Belmont Crochet Sun Hat

VIEW IN GALLERYbaby crochet sun hat[Girls crochet sun hat from Kati D Creations]

8. Crochet Watermelon Sun Hat

VIEW IN GALLERYWatermelon-sun-hat[Created by Repeat Crafter Me]

Wonderful DIY Crochet Classic Santa Hat with Free Pattern

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet Santa-Baby-Hat free pattern-- wonderful DIY

Bring the Joy of Christmas into your crocheting! This classic crochet Santa hat is very cute , and easy & fun to crochet ! I’d like to make it for everyone in our family. A festive classic that will bring warmth & smiles to all !
Big thanks to creatiknit for free patterns from baby to adults ! Please check the link below for the free patterns . Happy crocheting !

Click here for the FREE PATTERN by Creatiknit

Here is another video tutorial for crochet Santa hat:

YouTube video
YouTube video

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas gift set -FREE-Crochet-

Pretty-crochet-christmas-gift-set– FREE PATTERN

Wonderful DIY Crochet Reindeer Hat with Free Pattern

VIEW IN GALLERYReindeer-Hat-Free-Crochet-Pattern-WONDERFUL DIY

This crochet Reindeer hat is so adorable ! It would be a nice gift this holiday . Get the free pattern from the link below, creat one with your favourite color ! It’s really perfect for the winter season. Happy crocheting !

Click here for the free pattern from Repeatcrafterme

Wonderful DIY Adorable Crochet Snowman Hat with Free Pattern

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet snowman hat free pattern F

Crochet this adorable snowman hat for your little one , keep their head cozy this winter ! This hat is a Cute and functional rolled into one sweet design. The children will be ready to fend off the chill in style. It’s a perfect handmade Christmas gift ! Happy crafty!

Big thanks to Sarah and get the free pattern from Repeatcrafterme:

Repeat crafter me — Crochet-snowman-hat-pattern

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet hello kitty hat  F

 DIY adorable-crochet-hello-kitty-hat with Free Pattern

Wonderful DIY Adorable Crochet Baby Bluebell Hat

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Bluebell-Hats F

How cute is these babies in beautiful Crochet Bluebell Hats ! I do love the baby and the hat ! These hats is great for props, parties, as a part of a costume and for everyday use. They are absolutely great gifts for baby ! Check the below link to get started…VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Bluebell-Hats

Click here for the Free Pattern from ‘Stranamam’ (Translated Vision)

Also please check these original English patterns for similar style to make your own hat if you like….

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Bluebell-Hats 1

 Click here for the Paid Pattern from ‘JT Creations’

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Bluebell-Hats 2Click here for the FREE Knitted Pattern from ‘Ravelry’

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Bluebell-Hats 3Click here for the FREE Crochet pattern from ‘Crochet By Tukta’

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Bluebell-Hats 4Click here for the FREE Pattern from ‘Homegrown Joy’

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Bluebell-Hats 5Click here for the Paid Pattern from ‘TC Designs UK’VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Panama-Hats-for girls DIYClick here for Crochet pretty-panama-hats-for-girls Free Pattern

Wonderful DIY Crochet 2 in 1 Fox Hat and Scarf With Free Pattern

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet Fox-Hat-And-Scarf-Combo with free patternLooking for a matching hat and scarf ? This Crochet Fox Hat and Scarf Combo is just for you! It makes an adorable addition to your wardrobe no matter what age, fantastic for keeping the cold out and the warmth in.This is also a fantastic unique gift and present idea, and this free pattern is one size fit most adults. Enjoy!

Click here for the free pattern from ‘Dothissharethat’

Cutest Crochet Skirt, Hat and Bag Set for Little Girls – Free Pattern

This is one of our all-time favorite crochet patterns that’s guaranteed to result in the kind of amazingly cute gift all the money in the world cannot buy! It’s impossible not to fall in love at first sight with this skirt, hat and bag set for the special little lady in your life, which in every way is about a million times nicer than anything even the most expensive designer stores have to offer.

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet-girl-skirt-hat-set

And of course, if you love getting busy with a good project as much as we do, chances are you’ll have a fantastic time making it as an added bonus!

Get Set for Summer!

You’ll need just a few basic supplies and a few hours of your time to knock this truly inspirational work of art together – the perfect gift for a sunshine-filled summer season! Perhaps best of all, the instructions and pattern you’ll need to make your very own skirt, hat and bag set is 100% free of charge and can be accessed via the link below! Projects of this quality don’t usually come cheap – the fact that’s free is almost too good to be true!

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet-girl-skirt-hat-set3

In terms of supplies, just as long as you have the basic crochet tools for the job you’ll need nothing more than the yarn of your choosing. This green variation is one of our personal favorites, but of course it looks just as darling in blue, pink, red, white or any other color you like! Feel free to mix is up and add a little ‘you’ into the mix – you’ll be amazed at the results you come up with!

(Free pattern by Best-Hand-Made – translated)

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet-girl-skirt-hat-set1 VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet-girl-skirt-hat-set2 VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet-girl-skirt-hat-set5 VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet-girl-skirt-hat-set4YOU MAY ALSO LIKE

1. Another great idea are these stunning crochet hats for girls

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Panama-Hats-for girls DIY
2. Or this crochet gift set for Christmas

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas gift set -FREE-Crochet-

Wonderful DIY Crochet Flip Flops and Hat Set

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Baby-flip flops and Hats VIEW IN GALLERY2flipflops 036 VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet Pattern Sun Hat and Flip FlopsWhat better than these handmade crochet flip flops and hat set for baby gift ? They are so adorable, you can’t miss it !

Click here for Flip and flops patters From “Crochetdreamz”

Click here for Hat patterns From “Crochetdreamz”VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-crochet-baby-flip-flop-sandalsClick here for Crochet-baby-sandals pattern

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet Butterfly  baby Sandals F

Crochet  Pretty butterfly flip flops — FREE pattern

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Panama-Hats-for girls DIY

Crochet panama hat — FREE pattern  and video tutorial

Wonderful DIY Pretty Crochet Girls Hats

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet hat FYou will love these super sweet crochet hats ! They are perfect gifts for your little girls or yourself. Check the below link,  Get crochet now !

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet hat1 VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet hat2Click here for Free Pattern from “ Thegreendragonfly ”
VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet hat3Click here for FREE Pattern From “Thecrochetlounge”

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet hat4Click HERE for the Paid Pattern 

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet hat5Click here for Free Pattern  VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet hat6Click here for Free PatternVIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Panama-Hats-for girls DIYClick here for Free Pattern

Wonderful DIY Crochet Snow Queen Hat with Elsa’s Braid Free Pattern

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet Elsa braids HatsVIEW IN GALLERYCrochet Elsa braids Hats 1When my daughter saw this crochet Elsa’s braid, she was so exciting and absolutely want to have one . Since she is obsessed with Disney Frozen and adore Elsa. After I check the free pattern from ” Sunsetfamilyliving”, I found this pattern is easy . I decided to create one for my daughter, how about you ? and your little princess ?

Materials Needed:

Worsted weight yarn in turquoise and barely-cream or white
Size J (6 mm) crochet hook for the hat
Size I (5.5 mm) crochet hook for the snowflake
Beads or buttons to decorate the braid (optional)

Click HERE for the FREE Pattern from ‘Sunset Family Living’

You might also like this crochet Snow Queen Hat, thanks a lot to SARAH, she shared the free pattern with us :

VIEW IN GALLERYSnow-Queen-Crochet-Hat-Pattern

Repeat crafte rme — Crochet-snow-queen-hat-FREE PATTERN

Wonderful DIY Cute Crochet Frog Hat With Free Pattern

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet Frog Hat F
This frog hat is a fun and easy crochet animal project. It basically only uses one color, it works up fairly fast. Perfect for a boy or a girl. A beginner friendly free crochet novelty hat pattern from Repeatcrafterme.

– Worsted weight yarn
– Size H Crochet hook
– Tapestry needle
– Two buttons for eyes

Click Here for the Free Pattern from “Repeatcrafterme “

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet snowman hat free pattern FAdorable-crochet-snowman-hat-with-free-pattern

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet hello kitty hat  FCrochet-hello-kitty-hat with FREE PATTERN