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14 Fun Activities to do With Bubbles

If you have kids home from school in the summer, then you’ve probably spent a significant amount of time trying to keep them busy. While this can be fun for both the kids and you, it can be quite the task to think of more and more activities that will help your kids have fun all summer without getting bored on long, hot days. It’s also especially great when you can find fun activities that will keep the kids busy outside.

Try getting a little bit DIY, a little bit active, and a little bit creative this summer with one of these awesome bubble activities!

1. Bouncing bubbles

VIEW IN GALLERYBouncing bubbles

Bubbles are always a blast to play with, but you might find very little kids wondering why the bubbles always have to disappear instead of sticking around to play with them a little longer. Well, Play at Home Mom, LLC has a bubble soap concoction that will actually make that happen! Your kids will have fun helping you mix the ingredients and playing with them after.

2. DIY bubble painting


Artful Kids shows you one of the best ways to get creative and a little messy with bubbles for the purposes of making fun, colourful art! Kids will adore watching the way the bubbles splash colours across the page in awesome circular patterns when they pop against the paper.

3. Pipe cleaner bubble wands

VIEW IN GALLERYPipe cleaner bubble wands

Honestly reminds you that sometimes the fun of bubbles comes from the shape you blow them in! You can make just about any shape of bubble blower pretty simply just by bending a stick of pipe cleaner into a cute shape, just like this little heart.

4. Rainbow bubble snakes

VIEW IN GALLERYRainbow bubble snakes

Do you love the idea of adding colour to bubbles but you’re not sure your kids will be into the idea of sitting still long enough to make a painting? Try this more hands on, messy idea from Housing a Forest! Blowing bubble soap through an old cloth soaked in coloured paint will let them make an awesome rainbow bubble snake to chase around the yard.

5. DIY beaded bubble wand

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY beaded bubble wand

Did you love the idea of helping your kids make their own bubble blowers, but you’re wondering if the pipe cleaner idea is a little too simple for your little ones? Try this extra fun beaded hoop idea from Artful Parent instead! Besides making nice, big bubbles, it’ll also look like a cute piece of jewelry.

6. Multi-bubble straw blowers

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Multi-bubble straw blowers

Don’t you just love it when the simplest things around your home can be turned into something that keeps your children happy and amused for hours? Then you’ll probably love this multi-bubble blower idea from Pint-Sized Treasures! It’s made from a few simple drinking straws fastened together and dipped in bubble solution.

7. DIY giant bubble string wand

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY giant bubble string wand

Fun Crafts Kids shows you how to make your kids a giant bubble “blower” that’s much bigger and more exciting than your average bubble game! Tie string to two handles in a large hanging triangle shape and have your kids lower the strings into bubble soap until the whole space is soaked. The soap will cling and help them make massive, long bubbles when they bring the strings out!

8. Wire and jar bubble gift favours

VIEW IN GALLERYWire and jar bubble gift favours

Do you love bubbles so much that you just want to share the fun with everyone? Try making these adorable little bubble favours for your kid’s next birthday party! Crafts Unleashed shows you how to attach a cute little heart made of bent wire to the lid.

9. Edible water bubble

VIEW IN GALLERYEdible water bubble

Okay, so maybe these water bubbles don’t tehnically fall into the category of fun bubble activities, but how cool is it that you can actually make a contained bubble of water that you can hold? Your kids will go crazy over the idea of getting to hold and even taste a solid “bubble”. See how they’re made on DIY Craft World!

10. Shaped wire bubble blowers

VIEW IN GALLERYShaped wire bubble blowers

She Knows reminds you that making and decorating your own reusable bubble blower can be just as much fun as actually blowing the bubbles themselves! Check out how these adorably shaped and beaded sticks are made for differently shaped bubbles.

11. Giant reusable bubbles

VIEW IN GALLERYGiant reusable bubbles

Are your kids always disappointed when it’s time to put the soap and wands away and all the bubbles are one? Follow in the footsteps of Two-Daloo and help them make reusable bubbles instead! This tutorial shows you how to make a “slime” mixture that kids can blow bubbles in over and over again and then put away to use again later.

12. Repurposed water bottle bubble blower

VIEW IN GALLERYRepurposed water bottle bubble blower

Are your kids desperate to blow bubbles right this second even though you don’t have anything to make fancy wands for them? Try upcycling a plastic water bottle instead! The Krazy Koupon Lady shows you how quick and easy it is to do.

13. Flower-shaped pool noodle bubble wands

VIEW IN GALLERYFlower shaped pool noodle bubble wands

Skip to My Lou walks you through the process of making super fun and completely adorable bubble wants out of cut up pool noodles attached to the ends of patterned plastic straws. These particular ones are made of noodles that were already shaped like flowers, but you could use any type of pool noodle that your kids like the look of!

14. Glow in the dark bubble solution

VIEW IN GALLERYGlow in the dark bubble solution

This awesome glowing bubble recipe from Growing a Jewel Rose is like a DIY project, bubble activity, and science project all wrapped up in one awesome craft! Your kids will have fun mixing the ingredients together and learning how and why the bubbles glow, but they’ll especially love watching the bubbles glow in the dark as they float through the air afterwards.