Wall Art for the Win: DIY String Art

Plain walls are no fun! We are all craving some wall art to spice up our living space. It doesn’t have to be too extravagant if you don’t want to – you can keep it simple and minimal, but interesting enough. Wondering how? Let us show you some amazing DIY string art projects that are easy to make and will transform your wall into a precious little string gallery!

Mason Jar String Art

VIEW IN GALLERYMason jar string art

You already know how useful mason jars are, but this time we’re not using one – we’re making one! Dear Paradise made this fantastic mason jar string art that is an adorable representation of the real deal! Bonus points if you add some fresh flowers!

State String Art

VIEW IN GALLERYState string art

Show some love for your home state with this great idea by DIY Projects! Being patriotic is such an honorable thing and whether you still live in your state of origin or not, with this state string art you can always keep a piece of your roots inside of your house. There’s no such place like home!

Ombre String Art

VIEW IN GALLERYOmbre string art

Ombre always works! With its gentle color pallete that flows from intense to faded, it’s a real treat to look at. If you have been searching for the perfect ombre piece to add to your home, settle on your color of choice and then let Tuts+ show you how to make this ingenious ombre string art!

Live Creatively String Art

VIEW IN GALLERYLive creatively string art

Creativity is a way of life. Whether you are in a creative line of work or express your creativity through your hobbies, having a little reminder close by will help you remember your chosen creative path on those days that are a little heavier. Check in with Brit + Co to see how you can make this inspirational string art!

Arrow String Art

VIEW IN GALLERYArrow string art

The symbol of an arrow has a powerful meaning; you know that saying about how they can only shoot forward once they’ve been pulled back and our lives work in the same way? Why don’t you make yourself this gorgeous arrow string art and fully embrace living as an arrow – always aiming forward! Find the tutorial at Sunshine Shoppe Supply.

Heart String Art

VIEW IN GALLERYHeart string art

This one will surely tug on your heartstrings! Or perhaps the heartstrings of your special person, seeing as this can be a very romantic and thoughtful gift! Use a vibrant and colorful string to really emphasize the heart in the middle! Sugar Bee Crafts has a great tutorial for this powerful heart string art!

Bottle Cap String Art

VIEW IN GALLERYBottle cap string art

Don’t throw your bottle caps away! It’s time to start saving them for an amazing wall art project that will leave you in awe! Check out how Sam Rhymes with Ham used bottle caps to make an incredible string art! Pretty amazing, huh?

Compass String Art

VIEW IN GALLERYCompass string art

Place this compass string art on a visible spot and always be aware of the geographic directions; a useful trick if you are a Feng Shui enthusiast! If you’re not, however, this just makes a really epic art piece! All you need is some string, nails and instructions by Reeding & Writing!

Apple String Art

VIEW IN GALLERYApple string art

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. We don’t know if whoever said that was talking about string art apples as well, but it’s worth a try! Especially since Sarah M. Style made this cute-as-a-button apple string art that will be a lovely addition to a plain wall and a lucrative reminder to eat healthy!

Feather String Art

VIEW IN GALLERYFeather string art

This dreamy feather string art is the one thing that cannot be missing from your boho-decorated home! It is very simple to make and therefore the perfect project for when you just want to quickly add something to your wall to make it a bit livelier. Get the details at Hashtag Blessed!

Constellation String Art

VIEW IN GALLERYConstellation string art

What’s your zodiac sign? An energetic Aries or an emotional Pisces? We have something for astrology lovers! These constellation string art pieces by Brit + Co look stunning and majestic! If you too are in love with the stars, you’ll want to have this in your home!

Skull String Art

VIEW IN GALLERYSkull string art

You’ll have to wait a while for the next Halloween to roll in, but in the meantime you can still make some edgy décor! A Beautiful Mess made this daring skull string art that really doesn’t look all that scary but will bring some cool punk rock vibes into your living space!