30+ Unique DIY Felt Ornaments For Christmas that Sparkle Creativity

If you want to create something creative and sweet for the Christmas holiday, try these cute felt Christmas ornaments for your home or give them as gifts to loved ones. They don’t take a lot of time but their presence will be, well … felt.


DIY Felt Ornaments For Christmas

Felt ornaments for Christmas could be easily crafted by you and your kids to make your Holiday tree more cool and unique. They are also useful to adorn other things like branches, mantels, lamps, and so on.

Here are a few ideas to help you make a felt Christmas ornament today!

1. Dala Horse Ornament

VIEW IN GALLERYDala Horse Ornament - DIY felt ornaments

You can hang these in your Christmas tree or just around any part of your house. They would look great in your kitchen, too. Check out the Dala horse ornament tutorial from Better Homes & Gardens.

2. Felt owl ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt owl ornaments

They look at you with their beautiful eyes and make for a great appearance. Perfect for your tree, be it natural or faux. Check out the felt owl ornaments tutorial from Juicy Bits.

3. Felt pine cones

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt pine cones

Either on the table for the Christmas dinner or hanging in the tree — they bring colour and sparkle creativity throughout your house. Check out the felt pine cones tutorial from salttree.

4. Figgy pudding felt ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYFiggy pudding felt ornament

Check out the figgy puddings tutorial from  Bugs and Fishes.

5. Felt squirrel outdoor ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYfelt ornament 5.

Check out the Felt squirrel tutorial from You Go Girl .

6. Felt Christmas ornaments – happy bacon

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt Christmas ornaments - happy bacon

Check out the happy bacon tutorial from Seremeres.

7. Felt monogram ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt monogram ornaments

Check out the Felt monogram ornaments from say YES.

8. Mistletoe DIY felt ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYMistletoe DIY felt ornaments

Check out this mistletoe tutorial from stay-at-home artist.

9. Classic red and white peppermint candies

VIEW IN GALLERYClassic red and white peppermint candies

Check out the classic red and white peppermint candies from Pink Suede Shoe.

10. Matryoshka doll ornament

VIEW IN GALLERYMatryoshka doll felt ornament

Check out the Matryoshka doll ornament tutorial from my sparkle.

11. Birdie Christmas felt ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYBirdie Christmas felt ornaments

Check out the Birdie ornaments tutorial

12. Christmas elves felt ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas elves felt ornaments

Check out the Last-Minute-Weihnachtswichtel from  RevoluzZza.

13. Candy felt ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYCandy felt ornaments

Check out the candy can ornaments tutorial from  bugsandfishes.blogspot.

14. Cute felt ornaments (animals, cups, gloves or gingerbread)

VIEW IN GALLERYCute felt ornaments

Check out these ornaments set from katieemrich.blogspot.

15. Flower ball felt ornament

VIEW IN GALLERYFlower ball felt ornament

Check out the felt flower ball tutorial from  strawberry-chic.blogspot.

16. Felt Santa ornament

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt Santa ornament

Check out the felt Santa ornament tutorial from thelongthread.

17. Felt snowmen ornament

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt snowmen ornament

Check out the felt snowmen tutorial from bugsandfishes.blogspot.

18. Felt Christmas tree ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt Christmas tree ornaments

Check out the felt Christmas tree ornaments tutorial from  bugsandfishes.blogspot.

19. Two-sided felt snowflakes

VIEW IN GALLERYTwo-sided felt snowflakes

Check out the Two-sided felt snowflakes tutorial from purlbee.

20. Christmas Pudding ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt-Christmas-Ornament-Pattern10.jpg

Check out the free pattern for Christmas Pudding ornaments.

Felt Christmas Ornaments to Make (With Patterns)

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt-Christmas-Ornament-Pattern1.jpg

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt-Christmas-Ornament-Pattern2.jpg

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt-Christmas-Ornament-Pattern3.jpg

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt-Christmas-Ornament-Pattern4.jpg

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt-Christmas-Ornament-Pattern5.jpg

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt-Christmas-Ornament-Pattern6.jpg

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt-Christmas-Ornament-Pattern7.jpg

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt-Christmas-Ornament-Pattern8.jpg

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt-Christmas-Ornament-Pattern9.jpg

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt-Christmas-Ornament-Pattern12.jpg

Here is Free Pattern by  Felt Christmas Dove

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt -Ornament- DIY19

Check out the felt flora ornament tutorial from  stumblesandstitches .

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt -Ornament- DIY18

DIY jingle bell flowers ornaments tutorial from thecraftycrow

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt-Christmas-Ornament-wonderfuldiy

More DIY Felt Ornaments Patterns

Get more Free felt templates from here: Handmade Craft – Felt Ornament

We like these cute ninja turtle ornaments DIY project  too:

VIEW IN GALLERYNinja-Turtle-Christmas-Ornaments DIY F

Defying Tradition: 13 Non-Traditional DIY Christmas Ornaments 

One of the best parts about December is setting up the Christmas tree and decorating it with the beautiful ornaments. A lot of people use the same ornaments every year, since they are a part of the Christmas tradition, but if you are a free spirit who wants to do Christmas a little differently this year, you’re definitely thinking of getting some super unusual and unique ornaments. We’ve picked out 13 non-traditional DIY Christmas ornaments for you!

1. Unicorn Christmas Ornament 


If you consider yourself a loyal member of the unicorn family, a unicorn ornament can’t be missing from your Christmas tree! We love this idea from The Farm Girl Cabs and think it’s going to add a sparkling and enchanting element to your holiday ambiance.

2. Hot Air Balloon Christmas Ornament 


Maybe you aren’t too keen on making ornaments from scratch because you already have a big box of them at home. You can absolutely use your existing ornaments and give them a little makeover! Turn them into hot air balloons, following the tutorial at The Cheese Thief.

3. Wine Cork Christmas Ornaments 


Save the wine corks from the wine bottles you drink with friends because you’re going to need them for Christmas tree decorations. Say what?! One Little Project used wine corks to make the most adorable Christmas angels that you can hang up on your tree or anywhere else around your home!

4. Vintage Buttons Christmas Ornament 


Vintage buttons have a very special charm. If you are lucky enough to have a big stack of vintage buttons at hand, perhaps given to you by your mother or grandmother, Live Love DIY will show you how you can use the buttons to create a captivating and unique Christmas ornament!

5. Wire Stars Ornaments 


Christmas is a time of abundance and prosperity, but sometimes it feels good to remain minimalistic in how we go about our holidays. You can opt for handmade gifts and even decorate your Christmas tree in a more simplistic manner. We found these lovely wire ornaments at Alyssa & Carla!

6. Hamburger Christmas Ornaments 


Fast food is your loyal companion throughout the year but in December your table is suddenly full of homemade pies, gingerbread cookies and other delicious festive foods. Aww Sam urges you not to abandon your fast food bff, but give it an honorary place on your Christmas tree instead.

7. Chalkboard Christmas Ornaments 


Creativity should be celebrated all year, but especially during the holiday season. If your family loves to be creative and always has a difference of opinions when it comes to holiday decorations, Satori‘s chalkboard Christmas ornaments are going to keep the peace in the house!

8. Mini Mittens Ornament 


Keep your shiny and fancy ornaments in the box this year, because these mini mittens by Just Crafty Enough are stealing the spotlight! Nothing says winter like a pair of mittens and they beautifully fit in with the essence of Christmas, thanks to their bright red color.

9. Sprinkles Christmas Ornament 


If there was a competition for the most creative Christmas ornament, this colorful ornament by Little Gray Fox would definitely rank very high! Anyone who loves sprinkles is going to jump at the opportunity to make this one, so don’t hesitate to try something new and multicolored!

10. Scrabble Christmas Ornament 


Board games are an important part of spending time with your family. They are usually met with so much laughter and a little bit of anger when the loser can’t accept they didn’t win. Celebrate this tradition along with Crafts by Amanda – buy some extra scrabble tiles and use them to make this creative Christmas tree ornament!

11. Ice Cream Christmas Ornaments 


Winter is not usually the time when we’re indulging into ice cream, unless you’re lucky enough to live in a warm climate all year long. This doesn’t make our love of ice cream any lesser though! If you want to make your favorite dessert a part of the celebrations, My Poppet has the perfect tutorial for you!

12. Pet Christmas Ornaments 


Since holidays are a time of family, we have to mention that we absolutely consider pets as family members and as such, they deserve a couple of decoration pieces of their own, don’t they? Handmade Charlotte made these lovely Christmas ornaments in the shape of dogs, cats and even rabbits!

13. Photo Christmas Ornaments 


When you have a big family you’re always trying to capture the happiest and most significant moments on photos, so you can one day look back on them and feel all warm and fuzzy with nostalgia. This year, display your favorite memories right on your Christmas tree, in the form of photo ornaments by Landeelu!

Fun Christmas Tree Ornaments to Make with Your Kids

When we were kids, our families had the tradition of gifting each member of the household one new Christmas ornament every year. It made for a fun morning (and a very full tree as the years passed by), but a certain pattern always arose: the ornaments that we’d made ourselves were always the most popular.

Just in case you’d like to start this tradition in your family too, here are 15 awesome DIY ornaments that you can make with your kids this holiday season!

1. Folder paper trees

VIEW IN GALLERYFolder paper trees

If you’ve read from our website before then you already know how much we adore projects that repurpose, reuse, and upcycle things! Even the simplest upcycle contributes to living a little bit greener. That’s why we were such big fans of Design and Form‘s folder paper ornament design! We love that it repurposes unused office folders and we’re also huge fans of the simple origami techniques used to create the little trees.

2. Model Magic snowflakes

VIEW IN GALLERYModel Magic snowflakes

When it comes to crafting time, your kids will be nothing but pleased if you decided to make something very hands on with the. That’s why working with things like modeling clay is such a great idea over the holidays! Meet the Dubiens suggests using a rolling pin to flatten the clay and a snowflake shaped cookie cutter to punch out shapes. Bake them and string them up with ribbons how they are, or maybe write your family’s names on them!

3. Sock snowmen


A Christmas ornament doesn’t have to actually hang on the tree for it to be an awesome piece of your holiday decor. These little sock snowmen, for example, are a blast to make, a fun way to upcycle old socks, and an adorable addition to the other Christmas figurines dotted around your house during the holidays. We love that each person can make their snowman look a little bit different. Check out how they’re done on Darkroom and Dearly.

4. Rudolph cork ornament

VIEW IN GALLERYRudolph cork ornament

Do you always find that the holiday season has you uncorking a few more bottles of wine than usual? Then start hoarding those corks and put them to good use instead of throwing them out! Wine corks are useful for all kinds of things but during the holidays they make for awesome little DIY reindeer ornaments, just like these ones by The Homeless Finch.

5. DIY acorn ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY acorn ornaments

Do you love incorporating nature themes into your Christmas decorating scheme so that you can really feel the season outside as though it’s right in the room with you? Then we’ve found the perfect DIY ornaments for you! These little Christmas bulbs are made from brightly painted balls of modeling clay clued into actual acorn caps. You can probably find them in your yard just like Say Yes did!

6. Easy sewing card ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYEasy sewing card ornaments

Have you always loved the way bright, geometric, pop art looking ornaments look against the backdrop of a more traditional looking Christmas tree? Then there are plenty of kid friendly DIY options out there for you! We’re particularly big fans of these fun shapes by Mr Printables. Punch holes across the surface of each shape and have your kids embroider them with brightly coloured yarns to really give them some fun detail.

7. Easy clay snowmen

VIEW IN GALLERYEasy clay snowmen

Did you like the idea of a side decor snowman but your kids have made sock snowmen before and they’re not feeling that idea again this year? Help them work with clay for something a little bit different instead! Say Yes shows you and your kids how to roll the balls, stack them, and add the details in just a few simple steps.

8. Paper towel tube stars

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper towel tube stars

Are you still trying to think of ornaments that double as upcycling projects? Imagine how cool it would be to have a whole year’s theme be gifted ornaments made from repurposed things! We recently tried making these adorable little sparkly snowflakes from carefully cut and painted sections of paper towel rolls and both the DIY process and the final product were a fun success! We followed the steps on Blog a la Carte.

9. Popsicle stick ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYPopsicle stick ornaments

Popsicle sticks make great DIY tools because they can be cut, painted, rhinestoned, and generally crafted into so many different things even though they’re so affordable and easy to work with. That holds especially true over the holidays! She Knows recommends transforming them into Christmas trees, snowmen, or sparkly snowflakes using things like paint, glue, buttons, and pom poms.

10. Wooden bead elves

VIEW IN GALLERYWooden bead elves

If your kids are anything like ours, then you probably have tubs of random reusable supplies like pipe cleaners and wooden beads stashes away for them they just need some easy DIY that will keep them amused on a cold afternoon. Parents.com, however, is here to remind you that those things can be extra useful and a little more productive around Christmas! Check out how they combined those things with some paint, felt, and ribbon to create adorable little elf ornaments.

11. Perler bead ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYPerler bead ornaments

Do you remember making perler bead crafts in the 1990s? We were totally obsessed with them too! You can make all kinds of things, so why not make yourself a few adorably pixelated looking ornaments? We owe some thanks to Shelterness for these cute little heart and snowflake perler designs taht are easily transformed into tree hangers with some simple floss, string, or ribbon.

12. Paper covered ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper covered ornament

Are you or the person you’re gifting your ornament to a total book worm? Then why not incorporate that into your design? The Turquoise Home shows you how to create a paper covered ornament by decoupaging strips from old book pages onto the surface of a plain ornament. Choose lines from damaged copies of your favourite books or books full of holiday stories!

13. Felt and ribbon ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt and ribbon ornaments

Are your favourite crafts the kind that combine frabic and material with other crafting supplies that you wouldn’t normally use in a simple sewing project? Then these felt and ribbon covered foam crafting spheres might be exactly what you’re looking for. Crafts n’ Coffee shows you how they held these sections of felt and pretty lengths of ribbon in place using simple sewing pins.

14. Miniature yarn wreaths

VIEW IN GALLERYMiniature yarn wreaths

Are you an avid knitter or crochet enthusiast with a huge stash of leftover yarn that you’re always wondering what to do with? Well, according to Christopher and Tia, the holidays are the perfect time to use some of that scrap yarn up! They’ll show you how to use simple wrapping techniques in alternating colours to create adorable miniature yarn wreaths.

15. Quilled paper ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYQuilled paper ornaments

Are you looking for something a little more challenging or intricate than some of these designs so you can get your older kids in on the crafting fun too? Then perhaps it’s time to try some simple paper quilling! Paper, Plate, and Plane guides you through the process of layering rectangular strips of paper until you’ve created a ball and curling smaller pieces around the surface of the outside for pretty detail.

Have you and your kids made other DIY ornaments that you’re proud of? Tell us how you made them in the comments section!

Wonderful DIY Crochet Angel Ornaments with Free Pattern

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet angel free pattern- wonderful DIYCrochet angels are a popular motif. These crochet angels hanging on the Christmas tree look very pretty and easy to make . Check the link below for the free pattern to create ornaments, figurines , bag & hat decoration, and more…. Happy crafting !

Click here for the FREE PATTERN BY Crochetmillan

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper-Plate-Angels-wonderful DIY

DIY -cute-paper-plate-angel

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet Christmas-Ornaments1


Wonderful DIY Cute Pine Cone Fairy Ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYpinecone-ornaments-wonderful DIY VIEW IN GALLERYpinecone-ornaments-WONDERFUL DIY1This is a cute idea of making fairy ornament using pine cone. What you will need : pine cone ,a Spruce cone or other kinds will also work. The cap is from an Oak acorn, the wings are dried White Oak leaves, the hair is wool roving, bits of felt and wool , small wood beads for hands, pipe cleaner, and wood bead for head.  Check the link below for the full tutorial (Image via: Goodhomedesign)

Willodel– DIY pinecone-fairy-ornament-tutorial

VIEW IN GALLERYSnowly chocolate-pinecone recipe F

DIY edible-snowy-pinecones-with-chocolate

Wonderful DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments Using Wine Corks

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas  ornaments from Wine corks--wonderful DIY FI enjoy a little bit wine with my family at dinner . So we have some wine corks left at home, I was wondering how I can re-use them . Since the Christmas is around the corner, maybe we can make some ornaments for the holiday. It’s not only a good home decoration idea but also a nice way to recycle those corks, right ?

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas tree ornaments from Wine corks--wonderful DIY1

What you will need:
– bows, ribbon
-glue gun
-13 corks, 1 champagne cork
-paint/ nail polish

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas tree ornaments from Wine corks--wonderful DIY2 VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas tree ornaments from Wine corks--wonderful DIY31. Apply glue to one cork, then add another one and press firmly.

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas tree ornaments from Wine corks--wonderful DIY4 VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas tree ornaments from Wine corks--wonderful DIY5

2. Add two more corks.

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas tree ornaments from Wine corks--wonderful DIY6 VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas tree ornaments from Wine corks--wonderful DIY7

3. Form 3 rows – 2 of three corks,one of four. Apply hot glue to one row of three.

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas tree ornaments from Wine corks--wonderful DIY8 VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas tree ornaments from Wine corks--wonderful DIY9

4. Press firmly to the row of four. Add row of three to the bottom.

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas tree ornaments from Wine corks--wonderful DIY10 VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas tree ornaments from Wine corks--wonderful DIY11

5. Apply a row of two to the bottom.

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas tree ornaments from Wine corks--wonderful DIY12 VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas tree ornaments from Wine corks--wonderful DIY13

6. Tie a ribbon around one cork ,apply a thin line of glue to the underside. Glue to the top .

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas tree ornaments from Wine corks--wonderful DIY14 VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas tree ornaments from Wine corks--wonderful DIY15

7. Apply glue to the top of your champagne cork , firmly adhere to the tree.

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas tree ornaments from Wine corks--wonderful DIY16 VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas tree ornaments from Wine corks--wonderful DIY17

8. Paint, add a bow or star… have some fun adding embellishments, such as buttons, beads…and so on.

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas tree ornaments from Wine corks--wonderful DIY

That’s all, your Christmas tree ornaments done !

With your imagination, you can make Christmas candy cane ornaments, door wreath, star ornaments … using wine corks. Here are some pictures from Pinterest, hope it inspire you to give a try !

VIEW IN GALLERYwine cork ornaments  VIEW IN GALLERYwine-cork-wreath-2 VIEW IN GALLERYwine-cork-wreath-ornament

VIEW IN GALLERYWine-Cork-Christmas-Ornament-by-VirginiaSweetPea.com_thumb

Wonderful DIY Glittery Snowball Ornaments for Christmas

VIEW IN GALLERYGlittery-Snowballs christmas ornament diy F2How to make glittery snowball Christmas tree ornaments out of water balloons and string ? These glittery snowballs will be a great addition for your holiday decoration. and they are easy and fun for everyone to make. Just inflate the balloons, wrap the string around the balloons and dip them into liquid glue. After the glue is completely dry, poke and remove the balloons from the string. It’s a good way at a busy time of the year to spend quality time with your children. Enjoy ~~

Click here for the Tutorial from ‘Viewalongtheway’

Here is a video tutorial from ‘Youtube’

image credit: Viewalongtheway

VIEW IN GALLERYplastic-cup-snowman F

DIY Cute snowman-from-plastic-cups

VIEW IN GALLERYSTRING Snowman F2DIY  creative-string-snowman-with-balloon 

VIEW IN GALLERYHandprint-ornaments DIY F

DIY cute-handprint-ornaments

Wonderful DIY Easy Lightbulb Ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYLightbulb-Ornaments-wonderfulDIY

Here is a great and easy way to decorate your Christmas trees with Lightbulb ornaments. They are nice kids crafts . Watch the video tutorial , learn how to make these cute lightbulb ornaments, be creative !

DIY Cute Light bulb snowman :VIEW IN GALLERYDIY-Light-Bulb-Snowman VIEW IN GALLERYDIY-Light-Bulb-Snowman-2 VIEW IN GALLERYDIY-Light-Bulb-Snowman-3

Click here for the tutorial form Goodshomedesign

Wonderful DIY Lifetime Fabric Pine Cone Ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYfabric pin cone ornaments -wonderful DIY

A fabric pinecone is a nice and fun craft for the winter holiday decoration. It’s will be a lifetime ornament if you keep well . You can make these fabric pinecones with your favourite color and design. A small Styrofoam ball used for arranging flowers will work for the base of the pinecone. You can also use ribbon instead of fabric. Check the link below for the tutorial… Have fun !

Click here for the tutorial from Knittygrittythoughts

Here is a video tutorial from Youbube

VIEW IN GALLERYPine Cone Owl Ornaments-wonderfulDIY

DIY cute-pine-cone-owl-ornaments

Wonderful DIY Paper Fruit Ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYpaper fruits-wonderful DIY

How cute are these paper fruit ornaments ! Each of them was made from 2 colored A4 printer sheets, folded and cut in 4, they are very easy to make but look beautiful. Check the link below for the tutorial, Enjoy ~~

VIEW IN GALLERYpaper fruits-wonderful DIY1 VIEW IN GALLERYpaper fruits-wonderful DIY2

 Click here for the tutorial from ‘ Krokotak’

VIEW IN GALLERY3D paper ornaments -wonderful diy 1

Krokotak — DIY 3D paper heart shaped ornaments

Wonderful DIY 30+ Homemade Christmas Ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYhandmade-christmas-ornaments-pinecones-stars-craft-idea

These handmade Christmas decorations are fun to make . This is a good way to spend quality time with your family this holiday . They have an unique appeal not only because they are cheap and easy to make, but also because we create memories with our family during the whole crafting process. We found these pictures on Pinterest, it’s hard to get original tutorial link . So if you need to get credit back link, please contact us …Enjoy these wonderful crafts !

VIEW IN GALLERYhandmade-christmas-tree-ornaments-pinecone-red-santa-craft

VIEW IN GALLERYhomemade-christmas-ornaments-paper-crafts-red-white

VIEW IN GALLERYhomemade-christmas-tree-ornaments-cinnamon-sticks-foam-ball

VIEW IN GALLERYhomemade-christmas-tree-ornaments-crafts-foam-ball-cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYhomemade-christmas-tree-ornaments-doilies-angel-diy-idea

VIEW IN GALLERYhomemade-christmas-tree-ornaments-paper-flowers-pins-foam-ball

VIEW IN GALLERYhomemade-christmas-tree-ornaments-paper-foam-ball-paint

VIEW IN GALLERYhomemade-christmas-tree-ornaments-pearls-foam-ball-instructions

VIEW IN GALLERYHandprint-ornaments DIY F

Click here for DIY cute-handprint-ornaments tutorial

VIEW IN GALLERYPasta-Snowflake-Ornaments DIY F

Click here for DIY Christmas-snowflake-ornaments-using-pasta

VIEW IN GALLERYPine Cone Owl Ornaments-wonderfulDIY

Click here for DIY cute-pine-cone-owl-ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-christmas-tree-ornaments-buttons-ribbons-colors

DIY -cute-button-christmas-ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYbook-page-ornament F

DIY book-page-christmas-ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYGlittery-Snowballs christmas ornament diy F2

Click here for DIY glittery-snowball-ornaments Tutorial

More homemade ornaments projects — Check here

Wonderful DIY Crochet Ball Ornaments

\VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet ball ornaments-wonderful DIY2

These Crochet Ball Ornaments look pretty hanging on the window ! It’s a nice craft for those crochet lovers. Check the below link to learn the patten, make these cute Christmas decoration for your home or friends, Happy crafting !

Click here for the translated pattern from Alimero

VIEW IN GALLERYGlittery-Snowballs christmas ornament diy F2

DIY glittery-snowball-ornaments-for-Christmas

Woderful DIY Christmas Thumbprint Clay Ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYThumbprint-Clay-Ornaments-wonderful DIY

If you are looking for some memorable handmade crafts ideas, this one is perfect for you ! Your kids and you will love to make these Thumbprint Clay Ornaments for the Christmas Tree! This is a great way to capture those tiny little fingers. These Thumbprint Clay Ornaments would be a perfect homemade gift for grandparents or other relatives . Be sure to check the below link to ge the full tutorial…Enjoy !

What you will need :

Oven Baked Clay
Wax Paper
Rolling Pin or Clay Roller
Cookie Cutters
A Drinking Straw
Scrapbooking Stamps {optional}
A Dark Crayon
Acrylic Paints {optional}
Ribbon or Twine
Additional Supplies Needed: Cookie Sheet, Oven

Infarrantlycreative — DIY thumbprint-clay-ornaments

Wonderful DIY 3D Paper Star Wreath / Ornaments


VIEW IN GALLERY3D paper star ornament tag VIEW IN GALLERY3D paper star christmas tree ornament tag

This is a last minute christmas decorations crafts –Make 3D paper star wreath ! It’s a nice idea to use up those Christmas paper that you didn’t like . It’s very easy to make that your kids can help. These paper star also can be used as gift topper,they will look great hanging on the Christmas tree, or lining the wall . Get the turoial from the below link …

Click here for the tutorial from ‘Littlebirdiesecrets’

Wonderful DIY Christmas Snowflake Ornaments from Paper Roll

VIEW IN GALLERYsnowflake from paper roll-wonderful DIY

This is another craft for Christmas ornament. Recycle paper rolls, you can make Snowflakes. Snowflakes for colouring that you can easily use for Christmas decoration. You just need empty toilet paper rolls, scissors, glue, and paints . Check the below link for the tutorial…Have fun with your kids!

 Krokotak — DIY snow-flakes-for-colouring

Wonderful DIY Knitted Christmas Tree with Ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYknitted Chrsitmas tree free pattern-wonderful DIY

This knitted Christmas tree looks so great on the holiday table !  It decorated with snowflake,balls…Of course, you can make your own ornaments for decoration ( please check our website for tutorials ) .This is a nice craft for those knitting lovers. The knitted Christmas tree make a perfect handmade gift for Christmas. Check the below link to get the full instructions, Happy knitting !

Click here for the translated pattern form ‘Alimero’

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Snowflakes from a Plastic Bottle

DIY beautiful-snowflake-ornaments-from-plastic-bottles

Wonderful DIY Cute Pine Cone Owl Ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYPine Cone Owl Ornaments-wonderfulDIY

I love all  owl crafts ! These owl ornaments are made of pin cones and felt, they are so cute and will look lovely on Christmas tree,or just stand on the table .It’s also a nice kids crafts , Check the below link to get the more details, Happy crafting !

Liagriffith– DIY Cute Pine Cone Owl Ornaments


DIY snowy-owl-ornaments-from-paper-rolls

Wonderful DIY Cute Yarn Christmas Tree Ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYyarn Christmas-Tree-Ornaments-wonderfuldiy F

How adorable are these cone-shaped miniature Christmas tree ornaments ! They will look stunning on a table setting or mantlepiece,or Christmas tree . They’re made out of yarn or twine, felt…very easy and fun to make. Get the full tutoiral from Craftpassion..

Materials you will need :
1. Styrofoam cone, mini size
2. Yarn or twine
3. Felt
4. Mini Pom Pom
5. Jingle bell
6. Sequin

Here is the tutorial  from Craft passion

Wonderful DIY Cute Button Christmas Ornaments


Buttons is sweet and colorful, turn them into Christmas ornaments. They are really button cute! And very easy to make that kids can help.They’ll look fantastic hanging on your Christmas tree or boxed up as gifts. Get crafty ~~

Here is the tutorial from Iamthatlady

Here are more Christmas idea by using button:

VIEW IN GALLERYButton-Christmas-Ornaments

Button Snowflake: Tutorial from ‘Crafts For All Seasons’ 

Button Tree Ornaments:  Tutorial from ‘Uklassinus’

Button wreath : Tutorial from ‘Jbolechcrafts’

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet-button-flower1

DIY easy-crochet-button-flowers

Wonderful DIY French Knitting Ornaments for Christmas

VIEW IN GALLERYFrench-Knitting-Christmas-Tree Ornaments- wonderfuldiy F

These French Knitting Christmas Tree Ornaments are so pretty ! They’ll look beautiful on your Christmas tree . They are also perfect handmade gift for your family and friends . For making these French knitting Christmas tree ornaments, you will need :

Here is Translated tutorial from lacalledelaabuela

Wonderful DIY Yarn Ball Ornaments for Christmas

VIEW IN GALLERYString-Ball-Christmas-Ornaments- wonderfuldiy F

These yarn ball ornaments will look great hanging on Chrsitmas tree or at different lengths in a corner of a room , or stand on your table .You can try any color you want, or chose a lighter color, if you want to spray paint yours.

What You Will Need:

-1 Bottle of Elmer’s Glue
-Corn Starch
-Measuring Cup
– 100% Cotton Yarn – White or Light in Color
-Fishing Line
-Balloons (preferably medium to large ones)
-Decoration (optional)

Click here for the translated tutorial from Artesanato e Afins

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Wonderful DIY Book Page Snowflake Ornaments for Chrsitmas

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Have any old book lie down at your home ? Turn them into these fabulous Christmas snowflake ornaments , that’s a wonderful idea. They will look beautiful on your Christmas tree. Check the instructions from Let it snow…

DIY Book Page Snowflake Ornaments